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  neilez2 19:04 18 Jul 2008

I've only recentley started to get into PC's and I'm looking to upgrade my system. I have a monitor and 5.1 speakers so I don't need them.

Here's what I'm looking at: (any advice is greatly appreciated)

-CORE2QUAD Q6600 /500GB /8500GT 1024MB /4GB DDR2 800MHZ
-4096 MB DDR2 MEMORY (2x2048)
-750 Watt Power Supply
-6 USB ports (2 front, 4 back)

  Pine Man 19:15 18 Jul 2008

Everybody will need to know what you will use your PC for. It's very important when deciding on the correct specification.

  neilez2 19:19 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for the quick response.
The machine will be running a few programmes at once, regularly.
There will be A LOT of photos stored on it, I have a young son, been going picture crazy!
There will be a lot of music on there.
The machine will be used for online gaming.
The machine will store a lot of documents, my wife and I both work regularly from home.
We will be buying Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

Hope that info helps.

  citadel 19:32 18 Jul 2008

8500gt is not much good for gaming even if there are two of them, better to get one good gard. dont be fooled by a card having 1024 of ram as you you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  neilez2 19:47 18 Jul 2008

Thanks for that advice mate.
I've noticed a few other threads asking what builder people should go withm the info on there seems helpful but none seem to be offering the same as I've been offered.

The above system is going for £400.

  GaT7 00:21 19 Jul 2008

"The above system is going for £400." - an OS will add ~£65.

Minimum graphics to go for is a 8800GT or equivalent.

Following spec for £504 with 8800GT graphics (or £487 with Quidco cashback click here). Take it to checkout for final price.

Dell Vostro 410 click here

- Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9300
- Windows Vista™ Home Premium SP1 32-bit
- 4Gb 800MHz DDR2
- 500GB (7200rpm) SATA
- 8800GT 512MB
- 16x DVD+/-RW & 16x DVD (2 drives)
- Keyboard & Mouse
- 1Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business Day
- Microsoft® Works 9.0
- 19-in-1 Media Card Reader

One thing going against this PC is that one cannot add another graphics card if required in the future.

Whatever system you choose, I'd strongly recommend investing in an additional 500Gb hard drive (internal/external) click here for backups. G

  neilez2 10:40 19 Jul 2008

Thanks for that advice.

That system looks decent, there is also a further £50 off this weekend which would take it to £411.84 with quidco discount.

There is no mention of the type of motherboard it has on the Dell website, after joining these forums last night people seem to think this is crucial. Any thoughts?

I've also read on here that Vista 64bit is better if you have more than 2GB RAM, any thoughts?

Thanks for all the help so far.

  GaT7 13:13 20 Jul 2008

I feel you should only worry about the motherboard if you plan to do a lot of upgrading in the future &/or overclocking.

One thing to be aware of with Dell motherboards these days is that they only have SATA connectors. The above system probably has 1 free connector to add an additional SATA internal hard drive. Also, it has 1 graphics slot - multiple GPUs (SLi/Crossfire) are a waste of money anyway.

Vista 64-bit still has some compatibilty issues (hardware & games mainly I think), so stick with 32-bit for now - even it'll recognise ~3.5 of the 4Gb.

"there is also a further £50 off this weekend" - wasn't aware of this. Do you have a link? G

  neilez2 12:29 21 Jul 2008

On certain systems there is free delivery, for me that is £50. They are also doing a deal a day offer which is pretty impressive!

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