Advice to purchase the best Photo Printer

  flycatcher1 15:37 09 Jul 2014

My trusty Canon 4700 printer has given up the ghost and I am in the market for a replacement. My researches seem to indicate that nearly all printers are one "Three in One"s. I have a laser printer for b&w and a good photo scanner, all I want is a Photo Printer. Advice and experience would be appreciated.

  tonyq 18:25 09 Jul 2014

It depends on how much you wish to pay? I have the Canon Pixma iP7250 which I think is about £70 I bought mine which was on special offer at the time for £50, I find the printer to be good for general photos. Genuine Canon ink cartridges cost about £50 which I would advise if you want quality prints, if not I'm sure you can get compatible cartridges. Hope this is of help.

  john bunyan 19:10 09 Jul 2014

I agree with the others - I find the Canon range very good for photo printing; they usually have detachable print heads that could be cleaned if required.

  Al94 20:10 09 Jul 2014

Woolwell has hit the nail on the head - a far better and more cost effective way to deal with photo printing!

  flycatcher1 20:43 09 Jul 2014

Thanks for all the helpful comments. I take the point about on-line service prints you are quite correct however, in the family I often get asked for a scan of an old photo together with two prints about "this" size.. Then the size is wrong and I do it again. A recent family album required over1500 prints and scans and two albums were wanted.

I know about the Canon iP7250 but reports are variable and I was hoping for a better option. My last two printers were Canon and I have found compatibles satisfactory. The latest price for the 7250 is about £54. I think that I will go ahead and buy it.

  HondaMan 10:04 10 Jul 2014

If you're a serious photoprinter, think about a dye-sub printer. They will print up to A4 and just about everything from A6 up.

  spuds 11:48 10 Jul 2014

I have a combination of well known named printer's, most being the 3 or 4 in one type. The print quality as always been very acceptable, that is if you are not asking for spotless professional prints for an high class market.

The inks are the main consideration, but this can be a personal choice thing of what you use. I use compatibles from a good source, and have never been let down yet. My latest purchase (2 years ago) was a Brother DCP-135C was covers all my needs, and more besides. It was cheap, bought from Ryman's and came with a three year warranty.

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