Advice on projector plz

  Al94 21:15 11 Jan 2004

Am seriously considering purchase of a projector for use with laptop re giving powerpoint presentations for a charity I am involved in on a voluntary basis but am scared of the running costs based on the replacement cost of bulbs (up to £300) I used to have access to one on a loan basis but this source has dried up as the guy has moved jobs. Any advice would be welcome.

  fred 21:30 11 Jan 2004

Projector lamps have a projected life of 1000+ hours. Far more if you look around. 1000 hours equates to over 42 days' continuous use, or 300 days at about 3 1/2 houra a day. Please consider the sums.

  Sir Radfordin 23:07 11 Jan 2004

Fred does make a good point. The bulbs may cost a lot to replace but providing you use the projector as per the instructions (don't just switch off the power but let it cool down first) then you can see the bulb last for a long time.

I've seen one projector be used for at least 2 hours twice a week for over 2 years on the same bulb.

I expect by the time you need a replacement technology will have changed, or prices fallen, or both. As the home market for projectors seems to be opening up the price may well fall.

  Tim1964 23:07 11 Jan 2004

I was considering a projector to use as a 'big screen TV'. 42in screen, Pah! more like 120in, but the cost of the lamps is the real kicker. 1000hrs sounds a lot for presentations at work but for a serious couch spud that only equates to around 4 months!!! OUCH.

  Sir Radfordin 10:38 12 Jan 2004

In reality I very much doubt you would want to watch all your TV on a big screen. Afterall it takes a while for a projector to warm up so would hardly be worth it just for a 30 mins programe. I've thought about the same thing but would only plan on using it for big sports events and films. I work out 4 months as about 60 hours a week...thats a lot of TV to be watching even I don't manage that and I'm a student :)

  Tim1964 23:19 12 Jan 2004

If a student watches less TV than me then I must be in trouble.

7hrs per weekday
10 hrs Sat
10 hrs Sun

55hrs !!! (Oh dear @<@)

The TV is on even now (with the sound turned down) while listening to online 80's radio...

HELP ME !!!!!!!!

  Sir Radfordin 23:52 12 Jan 2004

...I have in the past been known to have both the TV, Computer, Radio and CD playing at the same time. Who says men can't multitask!

But I think you would get fairly fed up of watching TV all the time on a projected screen. Unless you have a really good one (or digital) then the image isn't that great (even less for TV) and then you need to be sat at a good distance.

Aren't most students awake for less than 7 hours a day?

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