Advice pls: Return new printer-? ink bought

  AroundAgain 23:23 15 Dec 2015

Hi guys, I need your advice please

Last Friday, new Epson printer delivered, from Amazon. Set it up OK, printed a page with some text, not too bad, good speed. Printed page with mixed photos and text (home designed poster for well known animal charity) but not impressive result. Noticed that only tiny amount of ink supplied with printer so went ahead and ordered further supplies of ink cartridges, from another site (my usual supplier) which was delivered today. Until receiving this ink, didn't do any further printing of note, thinking maybe the poor quality print might be due to lack of supply in cartridge.

Today, I was intending to do a major print run of our monthly poster for said charity, ready for 'stuffing' tomorrow pm (Weds), as arranged with the 'team'.

As it happens, I found the print quality to be totally unacceptable, in that it looked a rather washed-out print, lacking any vibrance. In comparison with my HP laser printer, and a print of the same poster done last evening on a friend's Epson inkjet, the difference is very obvious. Considering laser printers are not reputed re printing decent quality photos, mine has been more than acceptable but, unfortunately, my good old faithful HP laserjet is on it's last legs now, hence finding a replacement.

I am aware I can return the printer to Amazon and be refunded. That's fine.

However, I bought new, genuine Epson, ink cartridges for this new printer, from another supplier, at a considerable cost, which I have fitted to the printer today, after they arrived. As I have already mentioned, I thought maybe the pale, washed-out effect could be due to very little ink in the cartridges that came with the printer but it seems not to be the case.

So, where I need advice is - how can I expect reimbursement of the cost of the ink cartridges? Not bought with the printer, not bought at Amazon - bought from a different source. The cartridges have been installed into the printer so not re-saleable. I can't see that the supplier will take responsibility - it's not their fault; they've sold ink cartridges.

Do I have a claim with Epson perhaps, especially as they are genuine Epson cartridges? In case it's relevant, I bought on line, with credit cards.

I appreciate any advice on this. Thanks J

  Devil Fish 00:18 16 Dec 2015

have you gone into print properties and changed to best print setting often a printer will default to to a standard or a lower setting to conserve ink and the results can be terrible

  spuds 00:27 16 Dec 2015

It became a rather silly practice (in my opinion) that some printer manufacturer's supplied their new printer's with what was called 'test cartridges', containing low volumes of ink.

The idea behind this, was one of making the customer buy the full product, because the actual printer was being sold rather cheaply.

With regards to your new cartridges, you could try to see what either Amazon or Epson have to say, but personally I would not hold much hope.

If you have actually returned the printer back to Amazon, then I would have taken out the newly purchased cartridges, and placed the trial cartridges, back into the printer, before sending the printer back.

Just on a point of curiosity, was the printer actually bought from Amazon or one of their retail seller's.

  mole1944 05:17 16 Dec 2015

Epson have come up with this printer whilst the idea may not be new it does raise the possibility of others following,as soon as my cartridges run out for my old HP i shall be investing in one.Not cheap but printing costs soon make up for it here is the link click here

  RV510 09:39 16 Dec 2015

As previously said, go through the printers settings and select the option for 'best quality', play around with it to see if you can achieve the results that suit you and are acceptable, you have time yet in which to return the printer, a lot of people when buying a new printer read the set up instructions but don't bother with the rest, read the user manual thoroughly. All printers are now supplied from new with a set of ink cartridges, they never used to but they do now and the reason for this is that the 'genuine' inks have a lubricant in them that lubricates the printer heads and nozzles, that's why a set of genuine inks are often more expensive than the printer! Compatible inks are okay to use but it is advisable to use genuine inks from time to time. As for buying a printer from the likes of Amazon or any other online retailer, I would not do that, PC World sell printers with a warrantee that will replace the printer if it goes wrong or develops a fault, they don't repair them now, they replace with a new one.

  spuds 11:49 16 Dec 2015

I often wonder if some people ever do any research on compatible printer inks, because I have always used them, and never ever had a problem, except once, and that was a leakage problem.

Most compatible ink producer's offer guarantees on their products, and some sell their products in volumes of sales. So it cannot be all that bad. As for print quality, then again, its a a case of what you want, and a little bit of experimenting doesn't go amiss here.

I have at present a number of printer's, of various makes, and most have been 'retired' due to upgrades and purchasing new with warranty, because it was cheaper. My present daily use printer is a Brother DCP-135C, which as served me very well over the past 5 years or so, and came with a three year warranty, having registered the product online. The ink tank now wants cleaning (due to usage), but I will undertake this task when time permits. Today I will be taking delivery of a Canon Pixma MG 5650, as a replacement for the Brother. And I will go from there.

I would further point out, that in every case of the printer's I have owned, I have never used the manufacturer's print cartridges, after the initial completion of the 'trial' cartridges. I have always purchased compatibles. And sometimes from different supplier's.

In the case of the Brother DCP-135C, my compatibles, purchased in bulk of 20, cost no more than 30p/50p each. I have done my homework for the new Canon Pixma MG 5650, and again the replacement compatible 'chipped' ink cartridges, will cost me no more than those of the Brother printer. What are the branded manufacturer's prices, some people are paying?.

If people want to pay the high prices of using the manufacture's own branded ink, then fair dues, I have no problem with that. But I myself, prefer to buy wisely, especially were cost savings are involved.

Apologies to AroundAgain for taking over their post, but my remarks perhaps apply to the issues raised in the original introduction!.

  RV510 13:41 16 Dec 2015

I have a Canon Pixma MG5650 which I purchased from my local PC World middle of this year to replace my previous Pixma MP560 which developed a (common) fault, buying a new printer was half the price of getting the other one mended. Although the MG5650 is a cracking good printer the disadvantages with it I have found against others I've used is that it only has a bottom paper tray, which is always 'open' and you have to remember to open the front flap to print, also you occasionally get a 'no paper' message where you have to reset the paper tray by partially pulling it out and pushing in again, you'll find out these things Spuds when yours arrives. As for compatible cartridges they have to comply to a standard by Law so they should be perfectly okay to use, it makes you wonder how much profit is made from 'genuine' ones where the price for one cartridge can buy you 4 sets of 5 (20) compatible cartridges, the only thing I would NEVER do is to attempt to refill cartridges myself. I use compatibles in my printers and up to this time I have never had any problems with them.

  spuds 14:07 16 Dec 2015


Thanks for the information on the Canon Pixma MG5650, it's well worth knowing. I did do a little homework on replacement cartridges for this model,compared to other printer's that I was considering, and those offered direct from Brother.

My final choice came back to the Canon, because not only were the compatibles less than 50p each, but I also was able to purchase the Canon for £6.00 from Tesco, having voucher points that were doubled up. So in a nutshell, all went well. The further test is when I collect it from the local Tesco superstore drop-off point later today, then possibly try an instal.

Apparently though, there appears to be a suggestion that drivers are required from the internet. Did you have this problem?.

Apologies yet again for hijacking the original post.

  AroundAgain 19:12 16 Dec 2015

Hi Guys, at last I've got opportunity to check here. I haven't had any email notifications of any response to this thread, otherwise I would have been able to post a bit earlier.

Anyway, firstly, no problem Spuds re 'hijacking' the thread. It's all interesting reading and kind of related to the issue, mainly in printing etc.

Yes, I did change the settings regarding quality of print etc but, in fact, each print out looks exactly the same, ie the same 'wiped out' look. The only difference I did notice was that the printing became slower as the quality was moved up.

I bought the printer from Amazon, and I will be able to return it and get reimbursement. That's not likely to be a problem and I have until end of January 2016 to do so. Yes, I will be removing the new ink cartridges and replacing with the ones that came with the printer.

What I am more concerned with is the amount of money i have spent on the new set of cartridges, which I bought from a separate supplier. Obviously, that supplier is not in any way responsible for this situation but I will be speaking with them and hoping they will support me in some way. The cartridges are Epson cartridges, which I bought in good faith, to be used in the new printer, again bought in good faith. The fact that the quality of the printout is definitely not up to reasonable expectations and I have kept prints for Epson to see, should they want to, I feel the onus should be on Epson themselves. I know it's a long-shot, and like you have said, I won't be holding my breath, but I will also be writing a letter of complaint to Epson, explaining the situation etc and see what happens.

I can be qite tenatious when I feel I have good reason and so I will be using every technique I know to get a satisfactory outcome, althoug it may take some time, energy and stress etc. ;)

If anyone has any suggestions of any groups/advisory places I could/should contact, I'd be pleased to hear. I appreciate most people will say I've not got a case but I feel I have and am determined to fight my corner ;)

Also, I won't be buying Epson again as this experience has put me off. I think I'll still with laser printers!

So, any help or suggestions to help me with this 'project', I'd be pleased to hear. I will try to remember to post back with the final outcome but that could be a few months down the line.

  RV510 20:01 16 Dec 2015

AroundAgain, could there be the possibility that it is the ink cartridges that are the culprit and not the printer?, I'm thinking on these lines as you say that the printer operates slower the better print quality you set it to, if the ink is not coming out of the cartridges at the correct volume the guess is that the printer would slow to let the ink volume catch up so perhaps it might in the first instance take the cartridges back, together with a sample of printing to where you purchased them and get them to replace them with another brand.

Spuds, The Pixma MG5650 comes with an installation CD and basic setup instructions but the main user manual is put on your PC and there are 4 programme icons put on your start screen, you'll soon get used to it and the functions. One thing that it will not come with is a printer cable so if you haven't got a cable you'd be wise to get one. One thing that I have found with the Pixma MG5650 is that I have not been successful in configuring it to operate wirelessly despite the instructions and looking for missing divers, I'm going to give Canon a ring to find out why it wont connect to this computer, it does to another but that's another thing.

  alanrwood 21:38 16 Dec 2015

Amazon might offer a replacement printer and you can use your cartridges with that.

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