advice please - use of TV as a quality monitor

  jarani 13:02 28 Sep 2008

Aldi have for sale today a 19" Tevion LCD TV
this seems to have a good spec for £149.99
and say " Due to all its useful sockets ( VGA
included ) you can use it as a high quality PC monitor

it is HD 1080i ready - IDTV technology

a much simpler LG 19" TFT Monitor from Novatech comes in at £136.

I am very tempted to go for it at Aldi
any drawbacks or problems please ?

  wee eddie 17:52 28 Sep 2008

to answer as I am not sure of my facts.

TVs have too low definition to be successfully used as a Monitor. It has struck me that HD TVs might be suitable.

Better check the DPI or whatever the Screen Definition is measured in.

  wee eddie 19:07 28 Sep 2008
  jarani 20:55 28 Sep 2008

wee eddie - many thanks for the link
and your comments - as you say views vary
perhaps we get further responses

the only difference of cosequence I note ( unless it is an error ) is the Contrast ratio of 800:1 on the TV against 8000:1 on the Monitor

would anyone care to comment ?

  jarani 21:30 28 Sep 2008

I only just realised that sinbads posed exactly the same question relating to the same TV - what a coincidence -

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