Advice please - Firefox or Opera

  dj_stu 11:20 27 Oct 2005

Any advice from anyone who has experience of using either or both of Firefox or Opera would be appreciated. I have read good things about both and would just like any feedback before i try them myself.


  iscanut 11:26 27 Oct 2005

Users of both will extol their virtues, so you will be none the wiser. As they are both free, why not give them a try and decide for yourself. Personally I prefer Firefox, but I am sure others will disagree ! Good luck

  Stuartli 11:40 27 Oct 2005

I'm with Nuts on this one.

I've been using Firefox since version 1.0 (plus Firetune Firefox to save manual configuration in about:config), but downloaded Opera when it first offered it free merely from curiosity.

Within a very short time Opera was uninstalled...:-)

  Belatucadrus 12:14 27 Oct 2005

Firefox is a bare bones browser with a lot of options that you can add on if you want. Opera is a much more comprehensive package with its own e-mail client, I tried it again when it went free ware and ditched the ad banner, but didn't get on with it. As Stuartli I ditched it and returned to Firefox.
They're both however much better than IE6.

  plsndrs3 16:40 27 Oct 2005

Personally, I travelled the same path as Stuartli. Downloaded both & tried them out alongside each other. Realised after a short time that I was [prefering?] to use Firefox more readily than Opera, so deleted the latter.

Never had any issues [other than some of preferred add-ons not initially working with the newest upgrade]



  mbp 16:41 27 Oct 2005

Both are very usable and fast browsers. Belatucadrus says it all for me although I still have both browsers on my computer. No conflicts. FF is a smaller neater package. Opera has more functions.

There is another you might find refreshing called Deepnet Explorer Browser based on MS's IE.

  ade.h 17:22 27 Oct 2005

I've been a Firefox user since the early beta releases; but lately, it has been crashing with alarming regularity, sometimes dozens of times a day. I got Opera for its Webdesign benefits (cross-platform compatability testing) but have started using it more regularly now.
It's very good; stable (just one crash a week ago) faster that Firefox (for me, that is; other users have different experiences with Firefox performance). It also has very few site compatability issues, so you see everything as intended.
However; the biggest Opera caveat is its cookie handling. Nowhere near as easy to use and configurable as Firefox. If Opera had Firefox's black/grey/white-list approach, it would be 99% right.

  Wuggy 17:28 27 Oct 2005

Have use Firefox since it first appeared and have extolled it's virtue's to anyone who will listen. Have been also using Opera since their free giveaway in August. Firefox is more adaptable through it's numerous extensions but lately I find myself using Opera more and more for normal browsing although still use Firefox for certain things like internet banking(installed anti-phishing toolbar), Give both a good tryout and see what you prefer. Remember you can use as many different browsers as you like and all at the same time if you want.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:44 27 Oct 2005

Opera 8.5 for me. I've been using Opera for more than a year now and it has been steadily improving throughout. I've tried Firefox too but Opera is much more complete, no need to download add-ons to finish the job. It is also fast, stable and much less prone to problems with page rendering, especially in this latest version.

  J B 20:03 27 Oct 2005

Evening All,
I have had firefox since I've owned a computer and to tell you the truth, I think it is the best browser on the market at the moment. I tried Opera, and Netscape in turn. Opera I did not like at all because of all the adverts, however it comes free without them. The new version of Netscape looks promising but it has some way to go to beat Firefox. I would use Firefox and tune it with firetune and you will have one fine browser. J.B.

PS. Firefox is also a safer and more secure browser and has great themes and extensions so you can customize it any way you want. J.B.

  CMC 42 20:21 27 Oct 2005

"PS. Firefox is also a safer and more secure browser and has great themes and extensions so you can customize it any way you want. J.B."

Don't know where you got that from - I'd heard that firefox has had more security breaches this year than I.E. plus firefox has open source code meaning that anyone with the right programming knowledge could do something.

Personally I use Opera now, but only because I find it a slightly faster browser than Firefox.

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