Advice Please - DV recorder/VCR Combi

  GroupFC 19:22 26 Jan 2006

I originally posted this in Digital World but it doesn't seem to get as many visitors and some of the other forums and it is consumer related so ----

I am on the look out for a combined DV Recorder and VCR. I have seen very many at various price points and have become very confused (not difficult!).

The only paricular requirement I can think of at the moment is that it must be capable of recording from a camcorder. I have seen some with i-link and some without. If one doesn't have i-link presumably you can still record from the camcorder to disc using the composite connectors (or am I totally up the wrong tree!)?

Any advice/comments will as always be very much appreciated.

  De Marcus™ 19:55 26 Jan 2006

Yes GroupFC, if your camera has the appropriate leads then you can record through these composite connections to any DVD Recorder, the i.Link, IEEE1394 or firewire (3 different names for the same connection lol) makes life a little easier by giving you control of the camera via the DVD Recorder remote control (at least my liteon does).

Hope that helps a little.



  freaky 20:38 26 Jan 2006

Why don't you consider purchasing a DVD Recorder with Hard Drive.

You could then transfer all your VHS tapes to DVD, and also have the ability to edit the tapes before putting them on DVD.

I have recently purchased a DVDR with HD - and am busy putting my tapes on DVD. The one's I have done so far have a much better display.

Most DVDR's have a socket for connecting a Camcorder and recording it - at least mine has one.

The day's are numbered for VHS Recorders, you would be better off in the long term to follow my suggestion - but obviously the initial cost would be more than a combi !

  esbe 21:34 26 Jan 2006

click here

I've just bought a vhs-dvd recorder combi from ASDA for just under £150.00, made by 'DUAL'.

It works superbly - just put in your video tape and a blank dvd+r/rw & away you go,and yes, you can connect your camcorder to it.


  Miklos 14:42 12 Feb 2006

How is your Dual machine performing to date?

I had a look at this Dual combi whilst in Asda. I was interested that the units box featured a list incl suitable Freeview. Now any Scart input would be suitable but I want a Scart with a record link as my Philips DTR via its EPG timer can control any external recorder with this link - an s-video input to the scart would also be nice.)

Does the Dual manual make any refernce to this? (I don't want to be left with a dumb recorder in 24 months time when my region switches off analog or have to mess around with manual timers!)


  esbe 16:28 12 Feb 2006

dont know where that 'click here' came from!

Sod's law, but only yesterday I took the unit back for a refund, as the recording quality from terrestrial tv was awful, ( watching freeview whilst recording from tv).

I've a separate cheapo freeview box,a stand-alone dvd player,and another vhs recorder and the 'Dual' recorded from them all superbly via scart, as well as dv camcorder via composite.

As far as I can remember it did have an s-video input, and uses it's own timer to record from a source.

Sorry I cant be more precise, but try it and see if you get on with it,as ASDA are very good with refunds etc.

Apologies to GroupFC if we're hijacking your thread.


  Miklos 00:41 15 Feb 2006


I think you just saved me a lot of bother. It just goes to show that from working superbly to taking the goddam thing back for a refund can all happpen
in such a short space of time!


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