Advice please for buying new PC

  Rebanut 20:22 08 Jun 2003

This is my first post here and have had a good read of other postings, on doing so I find that the company I was going to order from is not rated too highly here, the review in PC Advisor for the Mesh 2600+RD95 was very good but now I have my doubts about their aftersales and such,
I am not sure if I should just go ahead and take my chances or if I should look elsewhere, many thanks for any advice.

  Gaz 25 20:52 08 Jun 2003
  Lú-tzé 21:59 08 Jun 2003

Rebanut - Mesh are as good and as bad as any of the main players on these pages; just ensure that you buy with a credit card and get everything in writing.

If you are unsure of anything just post a query here and someone will answer. The 2600+RD95 is a great machine for the money.

  bfoc 22:27 08 Jun 2003

That at least Mesh do have an active presence here which should be some form of reassurance and also that these forums are not fully representative of the reality.

I say that as someone who has complained about Mesh's service here in the past and who has recommended Evesham. Equally there are people here who would recommend Mesh.

As Lú-tzé rightly says it is vital when making any order that you get written confirmation of all details and that paying by credit ard (or deffered finance) is a good safeguard too.

Good luck.

  floozie 22:42 08 Jun 2003

look at various models - then search these forums to see what the general consensus is on that particular company.

Some companies definitely seem to offer much poorer support than others.

Look at the dates of complaints too - some companies go through bad spells, then pick up again.

I previously had a great machine and good service from Mesh about 5 years ago.

What concerns me more is - most of these service complaints are a result of immediate equipment failure when the computer arrives with the customer.
That's when poor aftercare comes to light.
More than just one company seems to suffer from this.

I would think carefully about buying from ANY company who appears to have lots of computer failures from new in recent postings.

It suggests to me their components/assembly are not of the best.

  Way 1 22:55 08 Jun 2003

No matter what some people may say, Mesh is a good company. Yes, they are having problems with their after sales service, but just remember, they supply thousands of machines per year and the majority of customers must be satisfied, otherwise they would go out of business.
I can thoroughly recommend them. Their products are of excellent quality and on the whole, do not give any trouble.

  -pops- 08:42 09 Jun 2003

The complaints about Mesh that you see on here are insignificant in number compared with the amount of units they sell.

Customers anywhere, happy with their purchase seldom comment. Customers with a complaint do their utmost to protest - not that there is anything wrong with that but it can create an unfair impression about a supplier. As a paraphrase, it's a case of good news is no news.

I've seen Mesh machines and they seem of good, robust build quality and on that alone, I would not hesitate to suggest that they are value for money. If you can cope with the VERY small prospect of having to face the notorious customer service department at Mesh then I would say go ahead and buy.

As has been said above, though, Mesh have a presence on here and in the remote chance that you do have a problem, you can usually get things rectified very quickly via this forum.


  Rebanut 20:17 09 Jun 2003

I would just like to thank
those who gave me some help
with my dilema, and I am going
to go with Mesh.

Many Thanks

  Keithrow 21:01 09 Jun 2003

I too read the many threads about the poor service received from Mesh.
In the end I took the plunge and ordered my computer with them.
All has not gone well, although the support I have received from Mesh has been superb. I have had a replacement graphics cards fitted, not their fault that it failed and the card was a reasonable quality, ATI 9000 AIW.
There is still a fault occurring when I capture video from an analogue source and the machine goes back for a full test tomorrow.
When I contacted technical support, they have been patient and helpful. I received regular call backs to check on the progress, or lack of it, their suggestions made to the problem. I even had an e-mail address to use to tell the engineer when I had completed a particular operation.
I am exceptionally happy with both the machine and the support I have received.
Well done Mesh!

You will not regret going with Mesh. I recently had to help an aunt of mine buy her first new PC. About 3 of my relatives just recently splashed out like £1,500 on a new PC from PC World and I had to make sure that my aunt didn't go down this route. I recommended Mesh and she bought a £800 PC from them and the PC is impressive and as fast as the ones bought by my other relatives from PC World. It looks fantastic in any room and I would seriously consider getting my next PC from them next time.

Go for Mesh, you won't be disappointed.

  Sir Radfordin™ 21:32 09 Jun 2003

In the last 18 months I've spent something like £5500 with Mesh (not all my own money) and have 3 computers on order right now due for Delivery this week. Does that offer any confidence for you?

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