Advice please about returning a laptop to PC World

  iqs 17:11 19 Jun 2010


Over the years I have read many posts regarding returning laptops/PC's to PC world to be fixed.....some good some bad.

My friend has a laptop which is only 5 months old,and the screen is damaged.Its looks like grey fluid under the screen,and only half the screen is viewable.

Basically according to his consumer rights,are PC World obligated to do for him?

Any pre advice would be very helpful.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 17:50 19 Jun 2010

Consumer legislation says that if a fault develops within six months of the date of purchase the law assumes that the fault was there (inherent) when the transaction occurred, unless the retailer can prove otherwise.

In those circumstances the retailer is liable, unless of course it can be demonstrated that the fault is the result of misuse.

PC World will almost certainly choose to repair the machine, and that must be done within a 'reasonable' period. The law doesn't define 'reasonable', but in this context 28 days would seem to be right.

If the laptop goes for repair your friend would be wise to back up any important data files and delete anything confidential from the hard drive.

  iqs 18:18 19 Jun 2010

Hi Forum Editor,

Thank you for the advice.

He will be backing up his data tomorrow and returning the laptop.He's not to sure how the damage occurred.It was fine last night,and this morning the damage was present.
He is honest and says,it could be accidental damage ,but it cant recall how.Perhaps he will never know.

I will keep the forum members updated on his adventure .

Cheers again

  spuds 18:33 19 Jun 2010

Wasn't this same question asked recently?.

  iqs 21:27 19 Jun 2010

Could of been asked before,but not by me.......

  Dark Mantis 23:17 19 Jun 2010

Tell your friend not to be so "honest" when he returns the laptop otherwise PC World will take the stance the he has damaged it and it will be hard to prove otherwise. As long as he just says that it was alright one night and the next morning it was like that the onus is on them to prove otherwise. Never volunteer adverse information.

  wee eddie 12:12 20 Jun 2010

so that you know what condition it was in before they receive it.

Come to think of it ~ There would be no harm in taking a photo if it being handed over as well.

Remember that they will probably re-Format.

~ So save everything before you take it in. Quite legitimately, they take no responsibility for the content of the Hard Drive.

  qbie 23:09 20 Jun 2010

With all due respect to Dark Mantis and the OP - it's very unlikely that a screen can just break itself - especially the "it was ok one night and then when I turned it on the morning after it was cracked" line.

It's very difficult to judge or comment on any matters like this until you've actually seen the damage to the screen.

  Forum Editor 23:16 20 Jun 2010

If you base your approach on a cooked up story you're on shaky ground from the start. Big retailers aren't stupid, they know very well that a laptop screen doesn't suddenly break.

Tell your friend to be completely honest, and to explain exactly what happened. You haven't said anything about the circumstances surrounding the screen fault, and as qbie has explained, we don't have much to go on. My advice, however is that your friend should take the laptop back to the PC World branch, and let them make an assessment.

  peugeot man 05:06 21 Jun 2010

I don't think people realise how delicate a laptop screen is and often abuse it without thinking.

I have lost count of the times I have told my daughter not to swivel the laptop around by holding the top of the lid whilst open. I have even seen it picked up in the same way and passed to a friend to use.

I am guessing that the stress this places on the LCD screen could eventually cause it to fracture.

It's not unreasonable to think that a small amount of hardly noticable damage in the corner will develop into a major crack. Maybe even after the lid is closed and the laptop cools down, (eg overnight).

  iqs 17:11 21 Jun 2010


Thank you all for the advice so far.

In regards to the comments regarding honesty.My friend honestly has no idea how the screen broke.Like I said,he was working fine the day before,he is quite happy to tell PC World the truth,he wont lie.
If they fix the laptop then all well and good,if not there are plenty of local firms that specialise on laptop repairs.If he has to pay for the repair,I think he might go through his house insurance.

He has taken photos just incase they do repair it,but has not taken it back yet,trying to find the guarantee.......

Thanks again for all your advice and comments,its appreciated.


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