Advice please about purchasing a 2.1 speaker system for pc

  martd7 17:26 12 Sep 2013

At the beginning of the year i purchased a microlab 2.1 system for approx £30,the output is 40 watts total,the sounds a bit flat and uneven and im looking to change them

Can Anyone offer some advice for a better set? £50 max budget

  wee eddie 10:08 13 Sep 2013

Can't advise you about speakers but can suggest that the quality of the Recording, by how much it has been compressed, can make a considerable difference to the Reproduction.

No speakers in the world can make an MP4 file, or DAB Player, sound like a CD, or an LP, on a real HiFi Player. I doubt that this matters much if you are listening to Pop but for the rest of the music spectrum, the sky's the limit, and when you have your £50 Speaker Set, you will start thinking about what you could hear if you had a £100.00 set.

The definitive tests are, in my opinion are the Female Voice, the Acoustic Guitar and the Piano. All become flat if you are replaying using a lossy storage format.

  martd7 10:57 13 Sep 2013

wee eddie

i completely agree im a musician so i know how much the recording quality can vary,i only bought cheap speakers for the pc not really for the purpose of listening to music more for the gaming side i just find theyre not as good as the previous ones i sold on,a set of labtecs

  rickf 15:56 15 Sep 2013

I find my Creative Gigaworks T20 excellent. Try them.

  martd7 19:04 16 Sep 2013

Thanks i have and was surprised how good an overall sound they have to say theres no seperate sub

excellent cheers

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