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  dazadude 20:58 06 Oct 2003

I am thinking of buying my first PDA but I am also thinking of buying an MP3 player. So I am looking at PDAs that play MP3s such as the Sony Clie's (SJ33 or TG50 probably but I really like the look of the now discontinued NX70 because of the external remote control).

What are they really like at playing MP3s?

Is the sound as good as small but dedicated flash memory MP3 players?

Can I reach inside my pocket and control the volume and play/pause, skip, etc with external buttons (for example the jog dial on the Clie's)?

Or would I need to take it out of my pocket, get the stylus out and do everything that way just to change the volume?


  tenaka 10:08 07 Oct 2003

I use my iPAQ as an mp3 player both when walking and when in the car (with bog standard tape adapter).

The only drawback is the controls are covered by the carrycase so to change tracks etc it's a hassle.

But then it does do more than just play mp3's, and i'm not justtalking bout solitaire.

  tenaka 10:09 07 Oct 2003

Sorry, re-read your post again.

The later models of the iPAQ have a volume button that isn't covered by the carry case.

On my model that button is the dictation burron(which i remapped to run winamp when pressed).

  The Paul 23:56 07 Oct 2003

I'm with tenaka. I have a 5450 with a 128MB SD Card. I have quite a lot of MP3 stuff on the card. Playback is excellent and the quality of the sound is great too. The sound control at the side is better than of old, as tenaka points out.

I live with my iPAQ and the ability to play video clips and souns while I'm working is magic.

  dazadude 16:28 18 Oct 2003

I've since ordered the Tungsten E, so I shall see how I get on with that.

  spuds 12:43 19 Oct 2003

My Bettacom PDA cost £9.99 from staples (;o))

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