Advice on New PC

  Mankind 23:21 06 Sep 2004

I really need a new PC, but have very little knowledge of them or what to get?

I'll be using it for mostly gaming plus a bit of work, want something that will last, probably for under £1000.

And where is the best place to buy it from?

  Robin0759 23:37 06 Sep 2004

Carrera ssc, mesh, or Evesham are regularly in the magazines' top 10. I've had my Carrera for about 6 months, payed less than your budget and am very pleased with the performance, and quality

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:55 07 Sep 2004

Check the PCA reviews for good machines and compare similar spec'd machines from other suppliers. I did this and ended up buying from a local company called Novatech.
One piece of advice is probably to make sure your PC is built from industry standard components (unlike Dell and Packard Bell to give just two examples) which ensures when you need to replace or upgrade components you will not be restricted for choice and charged high prices.
Look at the forum and you will see most manufacturers get the occasional swipe from unhappy customers - just look at how (if?)matters are resolved for a guide to the good ones.
One thing I would say is that Microland Technologies seem to be getting a lot of unfavourable posts at the moment - so tread carefully.

  TomJerry 20:04 07 Sep 2004

£1000 should buy you a super PC for games.

There is a great machine on offer at ToysRUs now Cybermaxx P4 3.6 GHz HT with 17" TFT Monitor £999 click here

Got everyting you can think of, it will also last for a few years.

I think Cybermaxx is a German company.

  Ritchbee 01:28 08 Sep 2004

Try Shepley computers - not the cheapest but excellent quality, service and back up.

Had my machine for over a year now no probs

Contact - Terry Williams

  ManWithHat 00:34 09 Sep 2004

Checked out TomJerry's recommendation at ToysRUs this evening - spec looks excellent for the price, and the machine seemed OK, though maybe a bit fragile around the drive covers.
However, the sales rep there wasn't sure what the warrenty & support package was - definitely 1 month return to shop, then 6 or maybe 12 months further support.
Anyone know what the package actually is? Anyone have experience of the brand's reliability or otherwise?

  terminus 04:03 09 Sep 2004

to answer what's the best. And it's not about money,

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:14 09 Sep 2004

I think Cybermaxx is made by Medion

  Stormpool 09:26 09 Sep 2004

999inc VAT

Evolution Blue Lightning
XP home
Intel P4 3Ghz supports hyperthreading
512mb ddr memory
160 gb hard drive
ATI 9800 PRO - VERY GOOD for games
19inch CRT Monitor
DVD rom and CD-RW drives (although you could probably upgrade to dvd-rw for not much more)
6.1 surround speakers
Audigy 2 sound card
Cordless keyboard and mouse

3year warranty

Pretty top spec PC for under £1000
You may want to consider this, seems like a good buy, and VERY good for gaming

  TomJerry 09:40 09 Sep 2004

at that price, I do not think anyone can find a better machine.

As for warrenty, 12 months is normally industry standard.

ManWithHat, you can ask another sale ass or manager to give you warrenty document. They must it.

  Stormpool 09:47 09 Sep 2004

X300SE with the ToyRus is cheap card - around £50
The Evesham Radeon 9800 pro is about £150

If I was in it for gaming, I wouldn't consider the ToyRus X300SE

The evesham has 3 year warranty as standard, and a good technical support backup. I don't know what ToysRus have to offer.

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