Advice on new Laser Printer

  Southernboy 14:39 04 Mar 2005

I have a Brother 1050 which has been excellent. However, Brother inform me that they have no intention of providing full software for XP, so I need to buy a new printer. I do a lot of printing at 2-on-1 on A4 for local society magazines, so need a decent quality printer for a faily heavy workload that crops up around once a month. It should be a Windows printer, that is to say, I prefer to set up the print jobs from the screen. I do not want a printer with its own separate controls.

It also need to be no larger than the 1050 as I have limited space - it sits on top of an A4 filing cabinet. It should also be of reasonable cost.

I have been thinking about another Brother, as I have been happy with this printer but would welcome suggestions.

  €dstowe 14:49 04 Mar 2005

Have a look at the low cost Samsung (ML series) printers.

We've been using ML1210 printers as general "dogs body" office printer now for two years or more. They were cheap enough to be regarded as throwaways but, only one has failed and that gave us plenty of value for money before doing so. Got them on offer at about £50.

  wiz-king 15:53 04 Mar 2005

I think the later versions eg 2030-40 and so on use the same toner cartridge and drum as the 1050. I have been printing a riding club newsletter of about 10 -12 pages monthly for about 100 members and have been very happy with the print quality and printer life - its still going. We have several at work and they all work well with no fuss.

  Phphred 22:28 04 Mar 2005

You could have a look here for toner cartridges: I have just bought a couple from them and they seem to be pretty good!click here

  Southernboy 20:36 05 Mar 2005

Brother HL2030B is on the Misco site for £58.74, which seems very inexpensive. Does it have ALL the facilities of the 1030? That is to to say, a range of printing options - 2-on-1 page, 4-on-2-1 page etc? Duplex printing? Is it a Windows printer - operated via the on-screen display?

As I had only just bought a new toner cartridge, I would like to be able to move it to the new printer - are you sure it will fit?

  NORFOLK SPARKY 23:01 05 Mar 2005

I have just seen a brother hl 5140 printer in pc world for £94 claimed speed 20ppm don't no if it uses the same toner cartridge. I've got the hl 5130 and am happy with it

  Southernboy 23:51 05 Mar 2005

The 2030 series do NOT use the same Toner Cartridges as my existing 1030. The 1030 uses TN-6300 and the 2030 uses TN-2000.

  beeuuem 00:40 06 Mar 2005

PCWorld are advertising the Brother HL 1430 at £79-99. click here This is an end of line model but does take the same toner as the 1030. I bought one 'cos it was cheaper than replacing the drum

  beeuuem 00:42 06 Mar 2005

Sorry, it does say these are Temporarily Out of Stock

  spuds 13:20 06 Mar 2005

Simply Computers have the Brother HL2030B on offer £58.74 click here

  ajm 15:39 06 Mar 2005

If the new printer does not have the option of printing 2-1, have a look at FinePrint click here

this will work with virtually all printers

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