Advice on New Laptops

  calumcalf 17:25 07 Mar 2005

I am considering buying a new laptop for my daughter who is studying at University. She does a lot of work preparing Powerpoint presentations and uses the web a fair bit for downloads.
Looking at some offers in Computer Mags for around the £500 mark. Any advise would be appreciated as to spec, etc


  TomJerry 17:37 07 Mar 2005


£449 FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO L 7300 click here

ACER TM2201LMI £529.99 click here

Fujitsu is lighter and Acer can write DVD

PCWorld: PACKARD BELL E2310 INTEL CELERON M PROCESSOR 350 1.30GHZ £499 click here

ACER ASPIRE 1362LC AMD Sempron 2800 256MB 40GB DVD/CDRW 15TFT XPPro LX.A3606.014 £477.63 click here

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A60 Cel-D 335 2.8GHz 256MB 40GB DVD-CDRW 14TFT XPH PSA65E-01G02D8K £502 click here

IBM TP R50e Cel M 1.4ghz 256MB 30GB DVD 14TFT XPHome UR08SUK £505 click here

£529.85 click here

SAMSUNG CELERON M 1.5GHZ 256MB 40GB CDRW/DVD 15TFT WIFI G XPH - NP28PRL007/SUK £529.33 click here

  kinger 18:18 07 Mar 2005

I'd recommend nothing less than 512mb RAM.

I just purchased a 'small' notebook PC with only 256mb RAM on it and, as far as I'm concerned, too many programs run too slowly and it gets frustrating.

It'll be OK though if it's only used for word processing and nothing else.

  realist 19:26 07 Mar 2005

Bought my grandson an Evesham Quest Explorer from
Take a look click here

  TomJerry 19:56 07 Mar 2005

it is very easy to add memory later

£500 is not too much to play with

  calumcalf 21:47 07 Mar 2005

I note that the Celeron Processors reach 1.5 GHZ wile AMD Sempron go as high as 2.8GHZ. Would I be better with the AMD?

  TomJerry 23:46 07 Mar 2005

Celeron-M (not Celeron) is cut down version of Centrino which is THE best CPU Intel ever produced. Due to clever structure, it actually very fast even clock speed is lower. Becuase clock speed low, so it run cooler and needs small colling system. Centrino laptops are lighter and battery run longer

A Celeron-M 1.5 processor will run as fast as a Sempron 2600.

By the way, Sempron 2800 does not run 2.8GHz, it only run 1.6GHz.

Sempron 2800 will be slightly quicker than Celeron-M 1.5GHz, but Celeron-M laptop is much lighter.

In my view, FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO L 7300 from Comet is very good value for money and more than enough for your daughter's tasks.

  TomJerry 00:37 08 Mar 2005

so she can backup her work daily in case something gone wrong

Novatech 1GB USB2 Flash Memory Stick £50.52 click here

Ebuyer Mobile Disk 1GB USB 2.0 - Retail Boxed Flash Drive £51.73 click here

  zarobian 08:07 08 Mar 2005

I recommend Acer Aspire 1363WLMi Model. I recently bought this for a Medical student and very pleased about it. The price is a little higher about £669.00 including delivery. It is future proof.
Spec is:
Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3000+ (1.8 GHZ)
Windows XP Home
512 MB of DDR RAM
60GB Hard Drive DVD-RW(dual)integrated
64MB Nvidia GeForceFX Go5200 Graphics
15.4 inch Wide WXGA display
Built in Modem,10/100 Ethernet and Wireless 802.11g LAN.
[email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here
You can also buy a Nylon carrying case from the same store for £20.00 = carriage.

  calumcalf 11:44 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for the help. Went onto Dell site and found the following notebook.
Inspiron 510 Intel Pentium M processor (1.5 GHZ, 2MB L2 Cache, 400MHZ FSB) 15"XGA LCD Screen XP Home, 512 MB 333MHZ DDR RAM,40 GB 5400RPM IDE HD, 24 CDRW/24 DVD Combo, 56K MOdem, 2100 iNtel Pro Wireless Card , Primary Battery, Mouse, MS Works 7.0,1 Yr Warranty. Price £524 (inc Vat and Del.)What do you think of this spec? No mention of Graphics card or sound card? How does Dell compare to the Fujitsu or the Acer?


  TomJerry 12:24 08 Mar 2005

maybe get 3 yrs warrenty if not too expensive

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