Advice on new Desktop for under £650

  Seizmic 16:39 26 Feb 2010

My old P.C died recently so I'm looking to buy a new one for under £650, I'll be using it for mostly gaming/PS2 emulation. The best deal I've found so far is this



Motherboard ASUS® M4A77TD: DUAL DDR3, S-ATA II, 2 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 3 x PCI

Operating System Genuine Windows XP™ Home + SP3, CD & Licence (£68) (It's cheaper than Windows 7 and requires less RAM to use, it's also ideal for gaming emulation).


Memory - 1st Hard Disk 500GB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7,200rpm) (Don't need alot of memory really, could upgrade to a 16MB Cache 640GB for about £15 more though)

1st DVD/BLU-RAY Drive 22x DUAL LAYER DVD WRITER ±R/±RW/RAM (Don't plan on using BLU-RAY, have a ps3 for that).

Graphics Card 1GB ATI RADEON™ HD 5770 PCI EXPRESS - DirectX® 11

Power Supply & Case Cooling 450W Quiet Dual Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan (£25) (This makes me nervous as the webpage doesn't list the brand of PSU and I might need to go 600W as the current setup needs about 431W to work, that doesn't give me much room to move with only a max 450W - thoughts?)

Processor Cooling SUPER QUIET 22dBA TRIPLE COPPER HEATPIPE CPU COOLER (Might do slight OC for CPU intensive games).

Total Cost : £634.

Thoughts on this? Is the RAM enough? I don't play alot of RAM intensive games they're mostly very CPU related but 2GB RAM isn't alot it is of high quality though being DDR3 1333MHz if that counts. I do plan to upgrade to 4GB RAM and Windows 7 in a few months when I get some more cash but for the time being is XP+2GB DDR3/1333 good enough? Is the price for this gear reasonable?

Most important question; Does the motherboard have good upgrade capabilities? Can I go Crossfire GFX, how many RAM slots is there?

Thanks for reading answers appreciated.

  TipTop20 17:34 26 Feb 2010

Hi - Firstly is it just a base unit you are after or a package system? I prefer intel based system to AMD systems, and for your budget you should be able to get 7HP and at least 4GB of memory. If you can manage to stretch your budget slightly i would recommend having a look at Cube247's Zuben system. It is a base unit for £699, it has 7HP, I5 750 processor, 8GB DDR3 and 1000GB Hard drive. If it is slightly over budget then they do allow you to drop to a smaller hard drive and memory and swap to XP home. Also the good thing about Cube is that you can upgrade you computer at a later date with out affecting your warranty. I would have though the spec you have listed is slightly overpriced - which company is it from?

  Seizmic 17:51 26 Feb 2010

Just a base unit I'm after, I had a look at Cuve247s £699 system earlier while it does look good it doesn't list enough specifics for me to make an accurate comparison to this system and £699 is quite a stretch, I'd have to wait an extra week or so to afford that. So unless there's a list of the memory speed, processor speed and RAM speed+brand I can't really compare it, it also has an inferior GFX card (5750) to the one in my current deal. Although I do agree Intel systems are better (I usually always buy Intel over AMD) this is one of those scenarios where AMD is simply better because I have a tight budget.

I'm buying the current system from

  961 10:24 27 Feb 2010

I'd want a larger PSU. It always surprises me that manufacturers don't allow for the extras you may wish to add later

I believe the days for buying XP have gone. Quite apart from the stability and added functionality of W7 (especially in gaming applications) the days of support for XP will end in the not too distant future

Windows 7 is the day to go

  SirMetal 16:47 17 Mar 2010

I agree with 961 dude, there's no point in buying a NEW pc if you're gonna be using a near 10 YEAR OLD operating system.


  MAJ 19:25 17 Mar 2010

Support for XP MCE runs until 2014. Although I agree Win 7 would be better for a few quid extra, so long as your games are compatible with it.

  birdface 20:50 19 Mar 2010

Some goodies at aldi's.

click here

  AL47 22:46 19 Mar 2010

the AMD CPU you have is the best i believe, but intel cpus are by far better right now, take a look at the i5s. they are nicely overclockable

the graphics card 5770 isnt as good for games as the similar priced 4 series but the 4 series doesnt have a few 5 series features and no dx 11, thats a choice.

4series - purely faster, not so many frills, dx 10 only
5series, eyefinity etc, dx11

id go win7 and maybe upgrade the ram later but the actual brand of ram is good, but not sure of the exact model, maybe cheapo

id also get a higher powered PSU

also id go for win 7 too and install 64 bit
tbh, id build it yourself,

  AL47 22:51 19 Mar 2010

just to give you an idea of intels cpus and how easy they are to overclock

ive never done it before and when i built my first computer [ie a month or 2 ago] i put in an i7 920 which runs at stock 2.66GHz but its now at 3.8GHz with no fancy parts, thats more than extra 4GHz [across all 4 cores]

i belive the i5s overclock to a similar degree

useful link
click here

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