Advice needed-good first person shooters.

  dagwoood 18:41 19 Apr 2004

I'd like to buy some good first person shooter games but unsure whats the best and what my system can cope with.

I understand that I wont be able to play current games(due to my graphics card)but any advice appreciated.

My graphics card is Crucial Radeon 9200SE 64Mb(supports up to directx 8.1 and OpenGL).

I'm on xp pro, 512mb pc2100 ram, athlon xp 2400+.

p.s.I've noticed some older games minimum system requirements are older versions of windows(i.e.95/98/ME/NT4.0). Am I safe in assuming xp pro is totally backwards compatible to these versions?

Cheers, dagwoood.

  soy 18:56 19 Apr 2004

Soldier of Fortune 2. Quite an old game now but its the best game i've played. Been playing, and still i'm playing, for over 2 years now.

You can get it for £9 from amazon :)

Other games I think are good:

Call of Duty, counter-strike, battlefield 1942, medal of honour.

  citadel 19:19 19 Apr 2004

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is good and is probably available on budget.

  Totally-braindead 20:02 19 Apr 2004

Agree with the others, first person shooters are my favourite. Regarding the compatible bit, some games will not run under XP under any circumstances, thankfully most of them will. Do a search for compatibility with the Help and Support bit after start on any games you can't get to run, if they won't run under XP then you can get XP to "trick" some programs to think they're running under Win 98 or even Win95, but they don't all work. The other thing I've found is there are patches available for a lot of the older games, downloadable from the game developers websites, and with these patches installed some of them do work. As an example Red Alert 2, if patched will run, Tomb Raider the first one simply won't. The games the others have mentioned all run under XP.

  harps1h 20:14 19 Apr 2004

call of duty won't play to its best effect on his system.
medal of honour is his best bet for that setup if he wanted to get fuller effects

click here - lots of advice on games and system's there...

  dagwoood 21:13 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for the advice guys.

Totally-braindead, thanks for the info. on compatability issues. Would a game that runs on NT4.0 work, as, as I understood it, xp is based on this o/s?

Also, would any of the quake/unreal titles work on my system?

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 21:32 19 Apr 2004

Concerning whether games that run on NT4.0 would work, I've found out the answer myself.

Been to m/s site and they say that 90% of programs written for windows 2000 and NT4.0 will work on xp.


  lewis187 22:06 19 Apr 2004

Get unreal tournament 2004

  deadneat 22:17 19 Apr 2004

click here . You can download the demo's and see if u like. You will have hours of fun with Halo. Doom 3 will be out late summer. Need a good gcard like Rad 9800 for that one. I hear Farcry is good. Unreal 2004 looks cool. Your card will play most games with less detail. Have fun.

  GibsonSt19 23:39 19 Apr 2004

I also thoroughly enjoyed IGI2, which you can read about if you click here

All of the Quake games should run like water on your machine, and Unreal Tournament 2003, not entirely sure how smooth UT2K4 would be though. Far Cary does need a bit of a beast to run it, however it's eye candy, that's for sure. I should imagine you could also run Unreal II (which some think is poor, but I enjoyed very much!).

Medal of Honor (and it's additional packs) would do you well, if you've not yet played them. Then you could try Call of Duty too.

And I agree with citadel and Soy; both Soldier of Fortune 2 and Wolfenstein are excellent.

Hope that helps a little.

IF you're going to be buying games, apart from checking your local stores, try: - click here - click here
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and of course

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