Advice needed

  Stoneywood 15:41 21 Oct 2008

I am with AOL Broad Band.
Recently I have endured reduced speeds of below 200Mb/s most evenings, between 19.00 and 22.00.
Daily speed about 1700-1900Mb/s.
I phoned AOL helpline twice on Friday.
1st guy altered my modom settings with no improvement.
In the evening I tried again, the same dumb questions, the same altered modom settings.
Neither would consider, what I consider to be the problem i.e. acceptable service during the day and unacceptable service at night and weekends.
Last night I tried "live help". (I really dont know why. I did'nt expect intellegence.)
I got the same dumb questions.
He just ignored and would not answer my questions, until he started asking me the same questions again.
I then asked for a supervisor and was offered a "slot" between 13.00 and 15.00 today when they would phone me. I am still waiting.
I am just about the point of changing to another ISP with all the hassle that entails.
Anyone got any idea what I should do next?

  Clapton is God 15:48 21 Oct 2008

Reduced speed in the evenings and at weekends isn't uncommon whichever ISP you're with.

It's all to do with contention ratios (the number of people trying to access the same BB 'pipe' from your local exchange) and, to a lesser extent, your distance from that exchange.

Having said that, a drop to 200Mb from 1700/1900Mb does seem rather on the high side.

Which BB speed tester are you using to arrive at your figures?

If you can't get any sense out of AOL switch to a proper ISP such as Tiscali.

  Stoneywood 15:55 21 Oct 2008


Dan Elwells BB speedtest and

Both give roughly the same results.


  Stoneywood 15:56 21 Oct 2008

>If you can't get any sense out of AOL<

Just how do you get any sense out of AOL?

  Clapton is God 16:00 21 Oct 2008

"Just how do you get any sense out of AOL?"

So, you know the solution then. Refer my post of 15:48.

  MAJ 01:14 22 Oct 2008

"switch to a proper ISP such as Tiscali"

Stoneywood, while I'm doubled up on the floor wetting myself laughing at that statement, go and check out Tiscali's forums to see how many of it's users are suffering worse speeds than yours and not only at certain times of the day.

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