Advice on LCD TV.

  ened 16:13 21 Jan 2008

I am thinking about getting a SONY KDL32D3000 from Amazon (click here)

Obviously the bext price is on line but I am concerned about 'dead pixels'. I don't want to spend a load of money and then find I am stuck with a problem.

I currently have a Sony monitor and it is great and Sony are a good brand.

Am I right to be concerned or has this problem mostly been eradicated?

  anskyber 17:14 21 Jan 2008

I have owned two Sony LCD TVs and there are a futher 4 in the wider family. No one has experienced a dead pixel.

  anskyber 17:15 21 Jan 2008
  anskyber 17:17 21 Jan 2008

and click here I think you haver chosen well.

  ened 17:23 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for that.

I also believe in Sony but would also like to know if this dead pixel problem is a thing of the past in general.

  anskyber 17:35 21 Jan 2008

Well it's all anecdotal naturally but I understand that when Sony began the manufacturer of the LCD TVs from about 2 years ago they had a real purge on panel production to eliminate/reduce to a minimum any issues with dead pixels.

Again I understand they have been very successful in doing so. Doing an online search for Sony or Panasonic or (name your manufacturer) and dead pixels will obviously bring up failures but it's my belief that dead pixels are, for the most part, a thing of the past and are no more likely than say the most reliable (anything) having a failure.

  ened 17:39 21 Jan 2008

Actually I was going to take up their offer of this Sony RDR-HXD870 with the TV until I discovered it was the same price as buying them seperately.

Anyway, on reading the reviews it doesn't appear to be that special. I did read that Sony were keen to get into that particular area of the market and put their badge on someone elses technology. Hence the inferiority of the product!

I need a new DVD with Hard Drive and digital tuner and would appreciate some recommendations.

  oresome 18:11 21 Jan 2008

I suspect that dead pixels don't present the same problem with a TV as with a monitor.

The viewing distance is much further away and the TV rarely has a static image of one predominant colour where the defect shows at it's worst.

I own the RDR-HXD870 and now the firmware glitch has been sorted, find it very good. (it used to drop timed recordings before they were made)

  ened 18:22 21 Jan 2008

Has the glitch been sorted with new machines or do you still need to download the update after purchase?

  oresome 18:30 21 Jan 2008

I couldn't answer that. Depends on the stock turnover at the retailer etc etc.

I don't suppose for one minute Sony recall the faulty stock.

  Stuartli 19:12 21 Jan 2008

I can't recall ever seeing a "dead" pixel on a large screen LCD television.

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