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  ruud boy 17:10 05 Sep 2004

Hi all,
I'm looking to purchase a laptop but only have £600 to spend.
It's mainly for home use, the usual things like internet and games, but I also want to use it for storing pictures and videos from a digicam.
There seem to be lots of different types of CPU available compared to desktops so any help on this would be appreciated.
Browsing through some of the deals available fI found this click here and also noticed Dell have some special offers on at the mo.
Any advice much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:25 05 Sep 2004

Gaming on a £600 laptop will be a bit of a problem - even a desktop would be pusted to have a good graphics card at that price. What sort of gaming are you thinking of?

Have a look at - they do good deals - especially their clearance section which has occasional bargains. The HP you linked to was ok for the price, I think.

  ruud boy 17:46 05 Sep 2004

Probably a bit misleading to say 'games', I should have perhaps said general everyday use with the odd game thrown in.
Would the graphics card be able to handle pictures and videos reasonably well?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:07 05 Sep 2004

Most machines handle 2d images fine nowadays, and it should have no problems with DVDs etc. Video editing may be something of a problem given that it has a celeron processor. A manchine with a PIV will be better up to it.

  ruud boy 18:11 05 Sep 2004

Please excuse my ignorance but what is a PIV?

  jg1990 19:08 05 Sep 2004

Intel Pentium 4 Processor

  ruud boy 19:10 05 Sep 2004

Of course, thanks.

  TomJerry 20:22 05 Sep 2004

Basically, you need a big hard drive.

PACKARD BELL INTEL CELERON 2.8 GHz PROCESSOR LAPTOP £599.99 (PCWorld) click here, 40GB is not too bad, CD write for backup. Much better than one from dabs you mentioned, you can find cheaper elsewhere if you want dabs one (click here).

Toshiba Sat Pro A60 Cel 2.8GHz 256MB RAM 40GB DVD-CDRW 14.1TFT XPH - PSA65E-01302DEN £595 click here

You can get a slightly better one ( Matrix 335 Plus) from Novatech at £597, but without software.

Another one from Novatech with DVD writer click here

A few more Fujitsu Siemens click here, Acer, click here, Toshiba click here

  ruud boy 21:44 05 Sep 2004

Thanks for the reply.
I quite like the look of the Fujitsu Siemens and Acer from Technoworld, I noticed though that the FS only has a Celeron 1.3 cpu compared to the AMD 2.8 of the Acer.
Why the huge difference in size and would this be reflected in performance?

  Forum Editor 22:46 05 Sep 2004

on the processor - most new machines will deal adequately with the work you describe - but special pay attention to two things;

1. The amount of RAM

2. The onboard graphics.

The Tiny machine looks like excellent value, but note that it has only 256Mb RAM. WindowsXP will work OK in that configuration but it does enjoy plenty of RAM, and if you can possibly squeeze an extra £99 into the budget you should take a look at the next machine up in the Tiny range. For £699 you'll get a Centrino processor and 512Mb of RAM. That extra memory will really pay off in terms of performance.

  TomJerry 02:20 06 Sep 2004


Tiny's spec is good, but for reliability, nothing can compare Toshiba. As for PACKARD BELL, you can alway take back to PCWorld.

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