Advice with ISP issue please and migration.

  pavvel 17:26 27 Dec 2005

I've had request for my MAC [migration code] to Tiscali. I've been denied to have it. So I've found ofcom website that is saying that Tiscali is cooperating with customers and providing them with MAC number. Next step was to write claim to ofcom witch question how is it about it. Didn't receive response.
I'd like to move to other ISP but without mac I really can't without hassles.

Can anyone explain me does ISPs that promising to handle takeover charges when migrating between ISPs do it for real and how is it? Are they paying to previous ISP for whole period of contract that left to finish it or what?

Anyone with expirience?

  Stuartli 18:04 27 Dec 2005

I got my MAC code from Tiscali by speaking to its Careline Department on 0845 077 4488.

The e-mail with the MAC code arrived very soon afterwards (in fact it was sent three times in alll).

I haven't switched yet as I'm still awaiting Tiscali's assurance that it has accepted the curtailing of my contract because of its own inefficiency.

In the meantime, however, although I had to drop from 2MB capped at 2GB to 1MB unlimited, I've managed to up the speed to one-and-a-quarter MB using DrTCP...:-)

Meantime I'm having problems logging on to collect e-mails at present as my username and password are suddenly not being recognised.

That's not the first time, nor the first time my mailbox has been full although it is emptied regularly.

Even empty, it displays 26 per cent of storage capacity being in use...:-(

  pavvel 18:28 27 Dec 2005

I've been denied 3/4 times till now altought i did not contact to Careline. I've tryied to fix it on-line. Have u got expirience @stuartli that phone job is better than www job?

That what i didn't attached is I'm on 12 month contract witch 6 month already has passed.
My max speeds are up to 26 KB/s [any time actually] and my connection is 2M capped at 30M.

and link to ofcom
click here

I've had problem with loggin in to my email/account.

My primary queston is can I quit this contract and does new ISP takeover any charges that will come along that?

  Stuartli 19:27 27 Dec 2005

With regard to Tiscali you will have to insist that it has broken its contact with you; in my case I had 2MB and, after "service enhancements", the speeds dropped to virtually nothing. Eventually the operator agreed to send the MAC code.

I was advised earlier by the engineers that my line wouldn't provide 2MB and to drop it to 1MB or even 512kbps to guarantee the speeds...:-)

Even pointing out that it had delivered up to 2.3MB for six months didn't cut any ice with Tiscali's engineers.

My response, as I pointed out, was that it had broken its contract as I did not have the service for which I had taken out the contract.

Eventually I did drop to 1MB unlimited but it didn't make all that much difference until I tried DrTCP (a method of tweaking) and got the claimed speed up by 25 per cent and on a consistent basis.

  pavvel 17:38 04 Apr 2006

ofcom did it I suppose.

I've stop to write anything to tiscali cause their answers looks like auto generated.

Finally -TIME ago I've been provided with MAC.

Thx for your time.

  CurlyWhirly 13:20 05 Apr 2006

Bookmarked as I may be requesting a MAC code in a few weeks time.

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