Advice on handheld communication device

  DPD 12:37 22 Jul 2004

Does anyone know of a handheld device that I could use whereby I could be in continuous contact via email and Yahoo Messenger that would also preferably have mobile phone capability? I've seen devices that can run MSN but despite a long search haven't found one that can run Yahoo Messenger.

  Kate B 16:18 22 Jul 2004

This link suggests you can use it with Blackberry..

click here

Can't find anything useful on T-Mobile's site though, which I think is the only operator doing Blackberry at the moment

  DPD 10:05 23 Jul 2004

Thankyou Kate B. Have heard Blackberrys good for email - esp in corporate structures but doubtful about their ability to support Yahoo Messenger but will explore.

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