advice on graphic cards

  silk 19:56 28 Feb 2003

I am looking to buy a new graphics card. I have about £80 to spend. Do I go for a Gigabyte ATI 128MB Radeon Pro 2 @ £77.00 or a 64MB GEFORCE4 MX440 DDR 8 @ £65. Or any recommends. Thanks

  Sketch 20:44 28 Feb 2003 is reported that a top of the range Geforce 3 card will out perform a budget range Geforce 4. You may wish to consider this as GF3 cards are cheap and will become cheaper still when the 5th series of the Nvidia card is released shortly.(Also known as the GeforceFX)...

Or you could save a bit more cash and opt for the high -end: Gainward Ultra 650 XP 'Golden Sample'.

Hope this helps.


  Sketch 20:47 28 Feb 2003

...the Gainward card mentioned above is of the 'Geforce4 Ti4200' variety. 'Golden Sample' is Gainwards way of declaring the fact that they've made it run even better! It retails at around £140 at the minute....I think.


  Worf100 22:58 02 Mar 2003

I understand the main 'bottleneck' is the PC processor. If you have an 'older' spec machine suggest you go for the cheaper card but you've got a high spec PIII then I would go for the ATI.

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