advice on fence painting please

  sunnystaines 10:01 07 Dec 2014

last year painted our wooden fence though it strange the paint seemed to attract insects rather than repel them, But now getting patch's of a yellow green fine algae on the fence. does this mean it need repainting or scrubbing off.

had used cuprinol ducksback harvest brown fence paint from B&Q

  BT 12:25 07 Dec 2014

Lots of greenish mould growths on local fences around here too. Probably a good wash down with a pressure washer will clean it up.

I cleaned the PVC on my Conservatory last week and there was a huge amount of green mould/algae on the underside of the guttering which I haven't had before. Cleaned it all with PVC cleaner followed by soapy water and a final hose down. Its sparkling now !

  spuds 12:27 07 Dec 2014

Cuprinol is a very well known brand, so I guess that the problem is the result of previous preparation, or perhaps having the fence near other foliage.

What I would suggest is to get in touch with Cuprinol and ask their advice, before commencing further. Whatever the case, its the wrong time of year to consider repainting or spraying a fence. Cuprinol information and contact details click here

  Batch 15:45 07 Dec 2014

I use Creocote (Wickes) - modern equivalent of Creosote and it smell the same (bootiful).

Never could get on with these modern coatings. Sit on the surface, peel off and dreadful colours.

  sunnystaines 15:53 07 Dec 2014

thanks everyone for the useful answers, the water still beads on the unaffected parts of the fence, on a trellis in parts it has peeled off no idea what causes that unless birds peck it.

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