Advice on Dell desktop purchase

  juan-217414 20:33 12 Nov 2003

I want to buy a Dell ddesktop but I am unsure as to what spec to get. My kids have over 20 cd-rom packages on the computer - what minimum spec do I need to get good performance on these?

  bfoc 22:16 12 Nov 2003

On what packages they are.

It would help if you gave an idea of what type of programs you are going to want to run on the machine, what spec your current machine is and why you want a new one. So for instance if you want to run some very demanding games which won't run on a relatively modern machine the answer would be quite different to if you were just using some more basic stuff on an old computer.

I'm sorry if this isn't an answer but some more information would help greatly!

  Sir Radfordin 23:14 12 Nov 2003

As a fairly rough guide pick up the newest game's box and see if it has a minimum spec. Take last and at the very least double it, if not tripple it. That is what you would be looking for.

Depending on the age of the kids the types of games being played will vary. Younger children's games are less likely to demand high performance.

Given that you really want a system with 256mb RAM and 32 if not 64mb graphics card then you are going to be fairly safe most games will run.

Only if you get really involved in gaming at an intense level are you going to notice the difference in specs. Most budget PC's in the charts on this site will suit your needs.

  juan-217414 20:22 14 Nov 2003

I want to buy a Dell dimension 4200 P4 2.6GHZ
512 Ram and 128 Nvidia graphics card. Will that be sufficient to run lots of cd-rom packages for kids such as Jump ahead 2000 starting school?

  porci 20:29 14 Nov 2003

Juanito sounds like you have gone for an overkill on this one. It will definitely do more than what you want it to, depending on the size of the hard drive. Remember if you are buying online with Dell, that if you untick the insurance option and just choose the 1year option, you reduce the price by another £100 I think

  porci 20:32 14 Nov 2003

Sorry, I meant the support option not insurance. By default they set it to 3 year next day support. By choosing the 1 year option you save £129!!!

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