Advice on Dell 3100c

  badgery 21:31 04 Jun 2006

My son is thinking about buying the latest Dell Dimension 3100c offer (£329 with free memory key and printer) and is happy that it will do all he requires (not a ‘gamer’ or music downloader!!), just needs basic internet and email and letter writing.
However I noticed, in the illustration, that it seems to have a ‘vertical’ DVD/CD combo setup. Not having come across one of these before, can anyone tell me if they have any drawbacks, or inconveniences when compared to the ‘normal’ horizontal configuration?
Any thoughts or advice gladly received. Thanks.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:05 04 Jun 2006

I dont trust them, but I must stress that its a personal opinion only based on once knocking the open tray with my knee, something I admit I could have done with a 'normal' drive. However if you want to try pricing up your screen ( or maybe you already have one spare) then

click here

night be worth a look. bear in mind the costs you have to add.


  keewaa 07:07 05 Jun 2006

WhiteTruckMan ... you forgot VAT & delivery for prices on the small business section (on home section they are included) so £235 without a screen isn't as good as £329 with.

Excellent Value for Money ... just remeber there is no graphics card slot which is fine if he is not and will not be a gamer. Also remember to downgrade the warranty to get the best price.

The memory stick is only worth £15 but that price (with 512MB RAM) is the best choice atm for that machine. Bin the printer as ink cartridges are expensive (an Epson with compatibles is good VFM)

As far as vertical CD/DVD ... inital thoughts are is doesn't sound good, however I'm no engineer and I doubt Dell would be churning them out if they didn't have confidence in them.

  badgery 07:11 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for that, WTM, the system price seems OK, it's just whether the 'vertical' setup of drive bays is any disadvantage in usage that I'm interested in. Cheers.

  badgery 07:41 05 Jun 2006

Apologies, keewaa, your post was not yet showing when I replied to WTM.
I had worked thru the pricing and realised, as you say, the 'whole' package is better for him.
The 'extras' (memory stick &printer) don't add up to much - but better than nowt!
Think we'll have to take a chance on the 'vertical' - as you say would Dell be churning them out if there were disadvantages??

  WhiteTruckMan 08:16 05 Jun 2006

I didnt forget vat and delivery. I was referring to them when I mentioned costs you have to add.

  Mike Clements 12:22 06 Aug 2006

I have a number of computers (including Dell) at two different law offices. I bought a 3100c recently for my wife to use at home. Whilst the price is low, the computers are really bog standard. Also no PS2 ports, so you use up two of the six USB ports with the keyboard and mouse. No parallel printer port, so your printer will not work if it's slightly old/non USB.

Another thing to beware of...the 'free' upgrades. Mine was supposed to have a free hard drive upgrade to 160GB instead of 80GB. What I actually got was 120GB.

In conlusion the 3100c is very low spec machine.

By the way, the vertical drive works fine, but make sure the disk is seated properly before you press the tray button.

  marbleblue 20:20 02 Oct 2006

And the vertical drive isn't a problem for me, as I have the tower horizontally on my desk (which incidentally seems to be designed for this computer), and the monitor on a shelf slightly above the desk level. All of this of course makes the drive horizontal too. Problem solved!

  961 08:08 03 Oct 2006

If you haggle hard with Dell you can get a 5xxx series computer for about the same price as the 3xxx

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