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  jaymymac 20:20 03 Jan 2014

Hi all, New to this (or any other, for that matter) forum, so please bear with me. I am wanting to buy a new computer - had a Dell for 6 years and it has been OK but looking for something better. A bit about what I want: I am not a 'gamer' and have no interest in playing games now or in the future - ok maybe the odd game of solitaire or minesweeper!, but you get the picture. I am mainly going to use the pc for surfing the internet, e-mailing, office/desktop publishing work, small amount of picture editing or maybe even occasional video editing. I am in the position (now kids have left home) that I can afford to buy myself a good quality pc but still don't like just wasting money on stuff or specs that are of no advantage to me at all. I am looking for a good quality and importantly quiet machine. OK not necessarily silent but don't want it roaring away like a steam train on the desk beside me. After quite a lot of research I fancy buying from Chillblast as I can hardly find a bad review about them. So have come up with a spec on their site and would like some opinions. Maybe firstly for my use, is their even any point in overclocking the processor or may it even be a disadvantage in some ways? Anyway the spec is as below, I know it may be OTT but I would rather have quality, quietness and maybe some reasonable level of future proofing. Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced Dominator Case USB 3.0 Intel Core i5 4670K Haswell Processor Overclocked to up to 4.3GHz Be Quiet! Dark Rock 2 Silent CPU Cooler Asus Z87-A Motherboard - Haswell CPU only 16GB Corsair/Crucial PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (2 x 8GB sticks) Chillblast NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti 1024MB Graphics Card 250GB Samsung 840 EVO Solid State Drive 1000GB 7200RPM Hard Disk - 6Gbps Blu-Ray ReWriter 24x SATA DVD-RW Drive BeQuiet Pure Power 530W PSU Onboard High Definition Audio 17 in 1 3.5" Internal Card Reader Windows 8.1 64 bit

I have heard that if the cpu is overclocked they have to, or at least do turn off 'sleep' mode in Win8...... is this true and does it matter. Sorry to ramble on and for all the questions but look forward to any opinions/advice. Cheers.

  martd7 22:02 03 Jan 2014

Looks like a gamers pc,you really dont need 16gb ram,the nvidia card is a mid range gamers card,Bluray writer rewriter?,Samsung solid state drive? all those you could quite easily save money on by purchasing only 8gb ram,a sub £100 video card,ditch the bluray writer and solid state drive,Just a bit ott for what your wanting i think,but end of day its your money

No idea about win8 no doubt someone will advise you more on that

  onthelimit1 08:50 04 Jan 2014

Even cheap PCs these days have loads of memory and CPU performance for what you want to do. I recently bought a low end base unit from Novatech for around £350 including the OS. Can barely hear the fans running, even in a quiet room. 500Gb hard drive and 4Gb RAM with Windows 8. More than fast enough for the same sort of work that you want to do.

  iscanut 10:45 04 Jan 2014

jaymymac.... how much is your set up going to cost ? What is your budget max ?

  jaymymac 11:30 04 Jan 2014

Thanks for the replies. System I mentioned have been quoted nearly £1400 - that includes a few other bits like keyboard, mouse, copy of microsoft office etc that I didn't mention on original post. I know it seems quite a lot of money but I can stretch to that if I want to. Just my first chance to get what I hope is a really good quality pc and fast to use, as in not waiting ages for the system to load etc. That is why I thought the SSD, fast memory and latest processor etc would be the way to go. Don't have to have the blu-ray writer but quite like the idea of being able to back up both my music and photo libraries on one disc each as both 15+ Gb in size (as opposed to spreading over several CD/DVD's). Can have processor I have chosen at present, either overclocked or not (no difference in price), so is their any advantage or disadvantage to the overclocking. Thanks again.

  martd7 12:27 04 Jan 2014

jaymymac,you state your not a gamer so i seriously think its ott for what you require,you can probably spend £700 and still be ok Overclocking speeds the processor up but it also shortens its lifespan as far my knowledge is

  martd7 12:30 04 Jan 2014

This is from chill blast

click here

  spuds 13:32 04 Jan 2014

Would certainly agree with other forum members, and especially perhaps that the £1400 quoted and the specifications suggested is going well over the top for a computer requirement doing 'average' work or usage.

I would suggest that you could purchase a complete system that would be ideal for your requirements, at a possible very max of £700/£800 from any of the good recommended major supplier's.

Regarding quietness, then I have three 'basic and normal' computer's working nearby, including printer's, and none of them cause a noise problems, worthy of any worry short or long term.

  jaymymac 16:03 04 Jan 2014

Thanks again everyone. Still can't make my mind up on final spec. I see what you are all saying and taking advice onboard. I am not that 'genned up' on higly tech stuff. The system mart7 has suggested has basic m/b and a lower speed haswell processor saving around £150 total... will I genuinely not notice the difference for the sort of stuff I will be doing. Or what about 'future proofing' for want of a better expression.... I would hope this next system I buy will last me 5-7 years maybe? Cheers.

  spuds 18:50 04 Jan 2014

On a personal opinion, there is no such thing as 'future proof', because every few months you hear about something being much better for a lesser price!.

Taking into consideration that your previous Dell as served you well over the past 6 years, then perhaps look that the next computer will serve you well for the next six years also.

Perhaps to take this a little further. Have a look at the components used in the Dell, then look at the prospects of upgrading that machine. It just would not be feasible or cost effective to even think of an upgrade, or even making a profit on a sale of that machine.

  nickf 23:55 04 Jan 2014

take a look at this from scan click here , as you can see this is considerably cheaper than others you have looked at . I would personally add the GTX 650 graphics card , and the Samsung 840 evo 120 Gb SSD , the PC will still come out under £800 . I have a Scan system , build quality is great , and I have found there customer service and tech support to be of an exceptional standard . You can even phone them up , and they will advise you on what to buy , without trying to rip you off ! Good luck .

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