Advice on buying new laptop

  lavabubble 13:26 19 Aug 2008

Hi all

I am presently looking to buy a new laptop, only something entry level for everyday use and had been looking at the Sony Vaio VGN-NR32M/S. However, I've already got an Acer that's a couple of years old and the partitioned hard drive on that drove me nuts and I've just seen something online that suggests that the Vaio's are now the same and that I'd need to burn my own recovery disks.

I was just wondering if this is the case and if so, are there any ranges apart from demon Dell which don't do this and would just come with backup disks? Or has anyone got any recommendations as to which laptop to buy around the £400 mark?

Any assistance gratefully received :)

  jaritch 14:28 19 Aug 2008

I think most come with the partitioned hard drive these days. I do know though that Novatech. click here can supply back up discs on request for an extra £20 (approx).

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:05 19 Aug 2008

Why "demon Dell"? My partner bought a new Dell laptop a few months ago, it has been faultless. As far as I can remember, it has not even crashed, running very nicely on Windows Vista Home Premium. When I was researching before buying I could find nowhere to match the spec anywhere near as cheap. It came with all CDs required for reinstalling.

  oldbeefer2 16:00 19 Aug 2008

I'm with Mr M - son and two friends have had Del Inspirons for a while and they have been perfect. Cheap as chips, to.

  lavabubble 12:38 26 Aug 2008

Thanks all for your replies so far. I've looked at the Dell Inspiron 1525 (about the right price range) and I've seen a lot of reviews that say that it overheats easily and the trackpad is pretty lame and sticks a lot - not things I wanted to hear to be honest.

I'm just wary about wasting a lot of money to get nothing better than the Acer I've already got. Does anyone have any thoughts on HP laptops - a friend say's they're pretty good, if a little pricey??

Thanks all :)

  oldbeefer2 15:22 26 Aug 2008

Not had any problems with overheating and they all use a mini-mouse as they find them more convenient than touch pads (good or bad).

  GaT7 16:40 26 Aug 2008

Asus generally make good quality stuff - here's a well-specified £400 Asus laptop click here. More Asus laptops click here. G

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