Advent PQD5002 Desktop

  MattJ06 14:28 29 Nov 2008

I am thinking about purchasing the following desktop from PC WORLD.

click here

* AMD Phenom 9550 Processor (Quad Core)
* 2200 MHz Processor speed
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 4GB Memory
* 500 GB Hard Disk


Now, the graphics on the machine is ATI Radeon X1200 with 256MB memory.

Now, I planned to also buy something like this: click here to use as a TV but also to hook my PC upto.

Would the above system connect to such a TV as it stands, or would I have to purchase a dedicated graphics card?


  ened 17:35 29 Nov 2008

I have read good reviews of this product but there is apparently one flaw and that it is noisy.

I have no experience of this just what I have read.

  ened 17:37 29 Nov 2008

Just read your post properly - if you are going to use it as a TV it might be a bit irritating.

Do PC World have one running in the store?

  MattJ06 11:59 30 Nov 2008

I know someone with the machine and the noise is fine - not too noisy at all to be honest.

As for using it as a TV, I probably only use it eith as a TV or as a PC Monitor (i.e. at different times) - I would not be watching TV and using the PC at the same time I don't think.

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