Advent PC's and PC advice

  tomleady 12:03 24 Oct 2003

hi. has anyone bought a Advent PC? I am considering buying one from PC World. The spec is good and so is price. I was wondering what people thought about Advent machines.

also, apart from PC world, where could i buy a new PC from, (not buying a TIME!). I prefer buying from a big store becuase i know i can get technical support.

Just hoping for people comments and suggestions.

Sorry if its very vague!

  Forum Editor 13:57 24 Oct 2003

myself, but several of my clients have done it on my recommendation. I haven't had a single complaint from them, and I know from experience that I would be the first to know if a problem arose.

I was looking at Advent machines in my local PC World branch(Staples corner)very recently, and I was impressed by the apparent value for money. The build quality looked non too bad either. If Advent machines were problem prone I assure you we would know about it here, in the forum, but we see relatively few threads.

  tomleady 15:19 24 Oct 2003

thanks for that FE, I'm considering all options at the moment. I dont like parting with a substantial amount of money quickly, so I'm thinking about it.


  R4 16:05 24 Oct 2003

Some Good deals can be got here :
click here

If you know what you want, after sales and support is good too.

  Steven135 17:30 24 Oct 2003

Two Pc's ago I had an Advent I had no problems at all with it and my daughter is still using it. Have to say I prefer Evesham now because of their warranty etc. But In all honesty the Advent was great.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 24 Oct 2003

The Advents are excellent and it is worth having a look at the E-machines or Compaqs as well.


  mikef. 20:13 24 Oct 2003

Another happy Advent owner here, must say it's very difficult to find fault with it (now keeping my fingers crossed), also found it very easy to upgrade.

  tomleady 21:13 24 Oct 2003

i have an emachines at the moment, and i have to say, its SUCKS!

so bad for upgrading. so so bad!

so i wont be touching them again.
glad there are lots of happy Adent owners though, i'm very tempted.

The one i've seen already has a 128MB graphcis card, so that wont need upgrading, but i want a banging sound card so i can get surround-sound.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:19 24 Oct 2003

'so bad for upgrading. so so bad!'...rather curious that. I have supplied 9 emachines to three estate Agents. Very easy to upgrade and no fuss or bother whatsoever. Why do you find Emachines difficult to upgrade?


  wee eddie 21:23 24 Oct 2003

No complaints. 1st class, but I have no comparison so not really able to give advice.

  tomleady 11:41 25 Oct 2003

in the past six months i've tried to upgrade to 256MB ram, but with no luck. i tried 6 types of ram sticks, all of which PC World said would do the job., they didnt, most made my PC go pear-shaped, and required re-instalation. when i took the ram sticks back, the pc world dudes checked them, and said my machine must have "frazzled" them!

so that was nice!

also, tried the same thing wiht a new sound card, but pretty much the same thing happens.

now, if no-one else has had trouble, then it wouldnt suprise me if if was just MY e-machines that is rubbish!

However, an Advent machine is sounding very good.

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