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  STREETWORK 22:34 06 Aug 2004

I brought my Advent 3212 from PC World 23 November 2002. I had the 174F flat screen ctx monitor with because the tft looked awful. The monitor burnt out last week. Called PCService call, the PC World service centre as the monitor is usually guatenteed for 3 years, this was confirmed when I brought it. PCservicecall say its the manufacturers warrenty, they can do nothing about it and I should call Advent. How??? the only telephone numbers are for PCservicecall. What a mess there is no number to call. Unless you know better. Is it reasonable for a monitor to fail after 18 months???

  kspatto 00:34 07 Aug 2004

PC world deal with advent and as such must have contact with them I would suggest you go to the shop and ask them for a phone number failing that you could pursue PC world for the repair see this link

click here

I do know that if a shop tries to fob you off to the manufacturer whilst still in the 12 month guarentee you can insist that they deal with the problem (although sometimes it is easier to deal with the manufacturer)as your contract is with the seller
dont know if this applies to extended guarantees
bestluck patto

  STREETWORK 06:58 07 Aug 2004

Thanks kspatto, I will attempt to pursue this avenue and report my findings

  STREETWORK 18:12 09 Aug 2004

After several phone calls and emails finally a reply via email. PCServicecall seemed to give various advice and little guidance. After insisting that the monitor should last a reasonable time (died after 16 months reasonable use) under the conditions of the sale of goods act, they asked for me to have it looked at by an independant engineer and sent a letter with the report to Dixons Group Customer Services. Dixons Group gave me the wrong telephone number for Advent, but thats a different story. I cannot afford upwards of £40 to have it looked at and get such a report. PCServicecall told me thay do not fix monitors as it is not cost effective and they normally replace them. Where are we now? Can I insist that I take the monitor to PCWorld and they take a look at it? By the Way Dixons Group Customer Services told me monitors only last 12 months or so. Possible what I am looking at a 5 year old monitor??? eh...

Any advice out there?

  Al94 20:22 09 Aug 2004

The following is a direct quote from "about Advent" from their website

Advent, launched in 1995, has become one of the UK’s most popular brands for desktop and laptop computer buyers. Advent is PC World’s award-winning brand of computers designed to offer customers the latest technology at the lowest prices – and conveniently they are available straight off the shelf. Advent PCs are constantly evolving to meet the needs of more knowledgeable and demanding customers who want the best performance for a wide variety of applications and uses.

Do you have any documentation that confirms a 3 year warranty on the monitor? If so, take it and the monitor back to PCW, point out this is their own brand and therefore they must stand over the warranty and either repair or replace. I hope you have someting in writing, if not - i fear you will be up against it.

  Al94 20:28 09 Aug 2004

I should have added that several years ago my first PC was a "Tiny" one with a Samsung monitor. After about 2.5 years the monitor stopped working, I contacted Samsung as I had 3 year warranty documentation and received a replacement monitor by courier within three days. This was clearly a different situation to yours as your system is Advent branded and there is no way to establish "the maker" therefore if the documentation exists, you should pursue PCW. Let us know how you get on.

  STREETWORK 21:44 09 Aug 2004

No documents to confirm 3 year warrenty, will try PC World again as they gave out the wrong number once again. The phone number was for Hi-Grade who said that PC World are always giving wrong number. Interesting that Advent are in fact PC World (or not?). I was concerned that thier customer services said monitors only last about 1 year...will I buy again??

I will post my results, anyone else experience Advent monitor failing after 16 months?

  kspatto 23:21 09 Aug 2004

if the reply to your Email states (ie in writing) that advent monitors will last only 12 months I would suggest that you contact trading standards as there advertising policys seem to state that they are produced to the highest standards and to suggest that a well made monitor (or even a poorly made one for that matter)will only last 12 months is ridiculous

written statements are always worth retaining as they carry weight in court (also useful to pass to the press and interrested PC mags as non Libellous quotes)it would strengthen your position if you could get PC world to confirm that the monitor has an extended guarantee in writing

failing that you could try the small claims court the proceedure is detailed in a free handout from trading standards or the CAB

best luck patto

  SEASHANTY 16:39 10 Aug 2004

The samsung tft monitor I recently purchased from Comet has a three year on site warranty from the manufacturer either repair or swap out. To suggest a CRT monitor only has a specified 12 months life is
ridiculous - nobody would buy under that condition.
See the BBC Watchdog website click here
which was found on this Google page listing the other Consumer websites
click here

  STREETWORK 18:49 10 Aug 2004

From PC ServiceCall

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, we cannot automatically offer a free repair to your product. We first ask for an engineer’s report to establish the cause of any fault, and to assess whether you are entitled to a free repair or compensation. We can arrange for this at a cost, or you may choose to use an independent engineer. If you are entitled to a repair, then we will refund the cost of this report. Copies of independent engineers reports should be sent to the following address with the your daytime contact details:

And from PC World Customer Services
Thank you for your recent e:mail.
In order to obtain a repair you must establish if the fault was an inherant manufactuer fault at the time of purchase. You must Pay for a independant 'VAT' registered engineers report to state whether the cause of the monitor failing was due to a manufacture fault. If this is the case you will have to send us the report showing so we will then look into the matter further. If the engineers report does not show it was a manufactured fault the no further action will be taken on our behalf.

Kind Regards
xxxxx xxxxx
Pcworld Customer Services

What to Do??? I am almost at a loss...

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