advent 6000

  jeff168 02:28 01 May 2005

this laptop has all the stickers saying the dvd drive supporting +/- rw but i cant use +rw or +r.
when i did a little search and found the advent 6000 doesnt support +rw. does anyone have this laptop? can u use +rw disk ? can i return it to pcworld and ask them why? ( bought in 2004 Xmas) refund? or anything i can ask them to do?

  Dizzy Bob 18:35 01 May 2005

drive is this

click here={3e7c2e2a-e00e-4c1a-b6f1-9c217efe7706}&CatID={d4097f8a-7e5d-4f82-a777-7cae41ee8019}

Specs here

click here

Looks like it will not write to the + format

If the unit says it will, you have a case to take it back, although the store could legitimately argue that after 5 months without notifying them of the issue you have accepted the goods. Is there any reason you particularly want to write to +R and not -R

Dizzy Bob

  Dizzy Bob 18:36 01 May 2005

The first link will not paste.

Search for Advent 6000 in the dialogue box and then go to the hardware options of the returned list.


Dizzy Bob

  jeff168 02:07 02 May 2005

i only found out few days ago that laptop can not rewrite +r/+rw disks.........
also the dvd is UJ815A.
i will bring it back to pcworld tomorrow (bank holiday) and see what they can do about it.
will let you know..........

  jeff168 11:50 05 May 2005

next time when you buy whatever from a supplyer make sure you try all the features as soon as possible..........that is my advise........

  davidg_richmond 19:02 05 May 2005

If the specification of the PC is different to the one that you had seen when you had bought it, there is a breach of contract that is not necessarily forgiven due to the length of time it has taken to discover it. However provided that you can adequately prove that you were informed that it had DVD-R capability you have the right to a remedy. Not necessarily a full refund - a partial refund, exchange or some other remedy that would make up for the loss of performance.

Have you taken this up with PC World yet?

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