Advanced searchbar for windows

  Phphred 22:13 05 Aug 2005

click here

I suppose that I am too late again with this searchbar which I have just found. I think that it is brilliant; perhaps you would like to try it as it's free!

  Tesman 09:52 08 Aug 2005

I'd think twice about installing it...

click here

  freaky 11:12 08 Aug 2005

I downloaded and installed it. Tried it out and then uninstalled it. Did not like it for many reasons,including the fact that it wanted to change my Internet Explorer to the USA language version!!

  Phphred 19:54 08 Aug 2005

Thank you very much indeed for the info, boys and I am sorry that I am a little tardy with this reply as I have only just logged in at 7 o'clockish. After reading your comments I ran checks on my computer I have "Avast AV"
"MS Antispyware" "ZoneAlarm" "PrevxPro Intrusion Prevention" "Spybot S&D" and "Spyware blaster". They have all shown nothing. I must admit though that I did have a naughty found by "MSantispyware" but I am pretty sure that it was before I installed the searchbar. Perhaps it might be that I sent a small donation as after that it did get updated. I shall keep it and let you all know if anything untoward happens. Thanks again!

  freaky 20:17 08 Aug 2005

The Searchbar I mentioned in my post above refered to the new Microsoft Beta version. I used it for a while then was notified by Microsoft that an update was available. I then installed this update. During the installation process it informed me that my Windows Internet Browser was UK English and that it would change it to USA English!!. I aborted the update and uninstalled the program. Once I did this it automatically sent a message to Microsoft informing them!!!

  Phphred 10:30 09 Aug 2005

Later last night I downloaded “Webroot Spy Sweeper” and it found three nasties: Com Com Cookie, Clickbank Cookie and Go Com Cookie click here

I left them as they were and again ran “MS Antispyware”, and “Spybot S&D”, checked “Prevx Pro” and there was no indication from them that I had anything in the way of spyware on my system. I then re-ran Spysweeper and again it came up with the three nasties and so I Quarantined them. I then ran “Dustbuster” and it cleaned up three thousand odd files, or so it said, but you see nothing with “Dustbuster”. I then ran “Regseeker” and it cleaned out about twenty redundant entries amongst which were six or seven with “Spyware and a reference to “Advancedsoftware” the creators of the toolbar (I should really have copied exactly what I saw). I deleted “all” and then ran “Registry First Aid” and it found two more with, more or less, the same references and so I deleted those. I closed down and went to bed.
This morning my computer Hung and then crawled like it was running in treacle, then it hung again. MS wanted me to send a report which I did. The reply came back that I had probably installed a search bar and basically suggested that I uninstall it. I have done, and everything seems to be going smoothly now and I hope that it continues to do so. Thanks again boys!

  Stuartli 17:03 10 Aug 2005

There's always the Google searchbar but it does have security implications in that it can equally be used by others if they have access to your system...:-)

Google Tools at:

click here

  Phphred 17:27 10 Aug 2005

Thanks Stuartli, I have done just that and I am now hoping that my system is even tighter!!

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