ADT Alarms (Not looking good)

  Autoschediastic 01:30 18 Jun 2011

Evening all! Three days ago we was walking through a shopping complex when we could see these huge ADT banners and a handfull of staff canvasing them, as we tried to walk past them we was hit on by one of them who just said "Do we have a house alarm or any security" i told them no...then they jumped on us, We spent 45 mins talking to them and they seemed a decent bunch of guys,

We decided that they had convinced us we really needed one and tbh we do! cause we have no security and crime is on the up where we live!

Anyway the engineer came yesterday and installed the alarm system he told us that we needed to call the number on the contract to get the £49 rebate for instalation into swing so that we didnt have to pay it? ok so today i called the number and it was a answering machine as soon as i called it???? it made me doubt if they had any form of good communications?

Anyway ive just been doing some research online and found these reviews and also to add my next door neighbor is a building site manager who told us a few days ago they are a Terrible company to deal with? Has anyone had any dealings with them please?


  wee eddie 04:10 18 Jun 2011

I installed an ADT Alarm in about 1984, upgraded in '96 and a new Control Panel just before 2000. The Company were always prompt when called and the Hardware only had one major malfunction which was why I upgraded.

I was a happy punter for all those years. No experience of them for the last 5 years but I would say that, as with any Alarm Company, your Local Agent is the Critical Link in the chain when problems occur

  Woolwell 10:41 18 Jun 2011

You've signed up now and doubt that you can back out after the alarm has been fitted. Personally I wouldn't buy from sellers in a shopping complex.

Is it a monitored system? I don't see much point in having an alarm system that isn't monitored.

  Colin 11:25 18 Jun 2011

I miss Gandalf when I read these type of posts.

  Autoschediastic 14:50 18 Jun 2011

Thanks guys for the replies! i dont regret taking the contract out? i sue i didnt state this? but i wanted to know what they was like??

Colin What do u mean???

  Forum Editor 15:39 18 Jun 2011

"Colin What do u mean???"

He means he misses someone who can always be relied upon to make a pertinent contribution to a thread like this.

  ams4127 22:40 18 Jun 2011

"Pertinent" is a good word FE!!

  BT 16:51 19 Jun 2011


Two points

1 - Its not a good idea to go by poor reviews as in your link. You generally find that its only the few people who've had some sort of bad experience who post to these sites, not the majority of people who've had good service.

2 - I will NEVER sign up to anything being offered by companies in Shopping Centres and Supermarkets, especially when they pounce on me as I'm walking by. If I want something I will look into several companies offering the service and then make my choice. The same applies to Cold Callers at my door who are usually sent away with a flea in their ear for ignoring my 'No Cold Calling' notice.

  961 17:10 19 Jun 2011

Two posts seem to have disappeared from this thread including one of mine

Any reason?

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