ADSL router + modem advice please

  Mr Scone 18:28 08 Jul 2003

I'm trying to buy a router to share Nildrum ADSL broadband internet and have had a lot of trouble finding a router for use with the supplied USB modem.

After ordering and sending back 2 routers, i have now decided that the best option is to buy a combined modem and router.

I have searched (using google) and found 2 main candidates.

1. AMX-64 ADSL Gateway Router from click here which is £79 inc VAT + £9.99 P&P - total = £89

2. Mentor ADSL Modem + Router 4 Port Alcatel Chipset from click here at £74.99 inc VAT + £1.99 P&P - total = £76.98

The second is obviously favorite as it is much cheaper but I want to confirm that this really is the correct product and will do what i want it to, ie share broadband internet with 2 PCs (without the need for both to be switched on).

I hope i've made myself clear (I do tend to go on a bit!)

Any advice would be well received

Thanks a lot


  Psiman 20:28 08 Jul 2003

Both appear to do as you require. The Mentor appears to be a re-badged Netgear unit, an older design which would explain the lower cost.

Anyway, instead of just taking my word for it, why not close this and re-post in the helproom, you'll get more respones there.

Best rgds

  rickf 21:58 08 Jul 2003

Or Netgear DG814. Used it for over a year. No probs.

By D-link....

Easy to set up via web browser....

  Mr Scone 12:21 09 Jul 2003

Thanks guys for all the help. I think i'll go for the Mentor router. It's cheap, and as long as it does what i want it to, it'll suit me.

Anyway, thanks again


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