ADSL Modem Plus Gigabit router

  mikeben121 22:29 03 Nov 2007

I have searched high and low for a gigabit router/switch with an ADSL modem. Does anyone know if there is such a thing?

Before anyone says but the modem speed is a max of 8Mb I know. But I have other things connected together than benefit from gigabit.

I would prefer to have one device rather than the ADSl plsu a seprate Gigabit switch.

  ambra4 19:18 04 Nov 2007

Lets start with the basic

All Cable/ASDL modems/routes will only transfer data at 10/100Mbps have not found or seen one that will transfer data at 1000Mbps as yet.

If you have a 10/100/1000Mbps LAN card the speed between the router and the computer will automatically adjust down to 100Mbps but the card will keeping searching for a 1000Mbps connection, which slows down the download speed

It would be better if you change the transfer rate on the 10/100/1000Mbps LAN card from Auto to 100Mbps full duplex between the router and computer

Across a local network PC-to-PC if all the PC have a 10/100/1000Mbps LAN cards the transfer rate would be 1000Mbps,

If the correct is unable to handle the 1000Mbps transfer speed the Lan card will automatic downgrade to 100Mbps

Hope that answer you question

  ambra4 19:21 04 Nov 2007

Sorry should read

"If the correction between the PC’s is unable to handle the 1000Mbps transfer speed the Lan card will automatic downgrade to 100Mbps"

  mikeben121 22:17 04 Nov 2007

Sorry let me explain.

Computer Gb card
NAs Device Gb interface
two Gb switches
ADSL Modem/ router LAN interface 100Mb

So I can transfer between PC and NAS via Gb.

I wanted to swop the ADSL Modem/ Router and the Gigabyte switch on my desk for a single device to do the ADSL modem bit and the Gigabit switch to save space and lose a brick like PSU from the desk. Neater tidier more efficient.

For some reason companies just don't seem to make a ADSMl Modem plus gigabit router.

I was hoping someone else might know of something I don;t.

I am fully aware that mixing network interfaces of different speeds will result in the lowest speed interface ruling.

  interzone55 22:02 05 Nov 2007

Sorry, I've looked everywhere and the only DSL modems I can find that include gigabit routers are some of the more esoteric Cisco products that cost more than a family car.

I'm afraid you will have to resort to a DSL modem plugged into a WAN port of a standard gigabit router.

  moloch69 01:07 26 Jun 2009

Found a router that has 1gb ports

D-LINK DGL-4100 Broadband Gaming Router 10/100/1000MBPS 4PT Switch W/ GameFuel Priority Technology

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