ADSL modem - ethernet or USB ?

  LizaMay 22:18 02 Mar 2004

I have a new PC and am getting BB shortly.PC has an ethernet connection. Is there any advantage in having an ethernet modem as opposed to a USB one? I will only have one PC and I don't think I'll be wanting a network or anything.


  Sir Radfordin 22:40 02 Mar 2004

There has been lots of discussion about this in the past. Some aruge that USB uses some of the system resources so is less efficient (quick?) than ethernet. I however failed to see any difference at all in real speeds. Use the one that is simplest for you and doesn't involve buying any new hardware. If it has an ethernet connection and you don't have a network then use it, USB ports have better uses.

  SANAP 23:27 02 Mar 2004

get a modem that has both ports and u cant go wrong!


  LizaMay 23:36 02 Mar 2004

Sir Radfordin, thank you for your clarity. SANAP thank you- I had no idea you could get 'em with both. Where from and are they expensive?

  JerryJay 00:59 03 Mar 2004

Check out the discussion on here click here.

Ethernet one is my choise. USB, do not like personally.

  dangerusone 08:32 03 Mar 2004

I'm partially disabled due to a stroke and I found using a four port powered USB was ideal for ease of use with all hardware. I use three ports + another four port unpowered one making seven in total. I find accessing the back ports very difficult. I have had no problems at all, lucky am I?

  fitcher 22:41 08 Mar 2004

talking about this subject .my usb modem a (frog )seems to be taking a lot of my usb power .and making my other usbs throw power shortage messages in xp ..I was thinking of a powered modem more expensive ,yes , but worth it ? what do you think .Like the writter I had the idea of putting my frog though a powered supply .but I hear that can cause problems //cheers alan

  fitcher 22:42 08 Mar 2004

I meant through a powered hub /

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