Mastermind 14:16 21 Jul 2003

Is it not possible to get ADSL without being forced to get a BT phone line?

  davidg_richmond 14:22 21 Jul 2003

Not unless you have cable. Even satellite broadband needs a telephone line, for upload.

The only way would be to get connected wirelessly to a neighbour or see if anybody else operates a phone service in your area if BT are your only concern.

  Mastermind 14:31 21 Jul 2003

I've got a phone line through ntl, but I don't want to use them for my broadband.

  Sir Radfordin 14:35 21 Jul 2003

NTL don't offer ADSL so you would have to have cable broadband. ADSL is only offered on the BT Owned cables that are used by other telecoms providers. In the same way that Transco own the pipes for Gas, a divison of BT owns the lines that "we all" use and then sell the use of them onto other companies.

Why not have NTL cable broadband?

  Mastermind 14:44 21 Jul 2003

Thanks that's what I thought the situation was. I don't want ntl cable broadband though because I've already got an ADSL modem built into my router.

It just seems stupid to me that I've got a phone line, but I can't get ADSL beacuse my phone line isn't supplied by BT.

  tenaka 15:29 21 Jul 2003

Nowt wrong with NTL broadband.

Does it make any difference whether your router has an ADSL modem built in?

You can still plug cable broadband into it. Can you get ADSL now without the ISP supplying the modem? and if they hold back on the modem do they discount you on the cost/charges?

I'll give you a good reason not to use NTL broadband though, the upstream is half that of ADSL.

e.g. ADSL offers 512k down/256k up
NTL broadband offers 512k down/128k up

but then again it depends on whether you need the upstream.

  Mastermind 15:35 21 Jul 2003

Yes, you can get ADSL without the ISP supplying the modem and they do discount you on the cost.

  Sir Radfordin 15:50 21 Jul 2003

But don't you get the cable modem free with NTL (you do with Telewest.)

The reason you can't have ADSL on a non-BT line is that BT is the wholeseller for ADSL and so no one else can sell it (apart from BT's resellers)

  ajm 22:14 21 Jul 2003

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