ADSL 2+ exchange upgrades

  Pride park 00:47 23 Feb 2012

Our phone exchange was recently upgraded to ADSL2+ at start of year, but as we are with orange braodband, is it fair to assume that we'll never get upgraded to upto 20meg and will just stay on an upto 8meg service? Becasue the point I'm trying to get across is that most ISP's advertise at upto 20meg and yes it is upto, however there is a huge difference between upto 8 and upto 20, and it on their website it estimates our speed at upto 17meg which is same as what BT state. But when exchange went from 2 to 8 meg, despite orange saying we'd automatically be upgraded, only way we could was by entering into new contract. What is the point in companies spending so much on upgrades then making it difficult or unappealing for people to want to make good use of their new technologies. So my main question is are we likely to get upgraded without entering new contract, and what about all the people who were on LLU exchanges getting downgraded? OFCOM doesn't seem to want to fight for the consumer, I mean this about ISP's not being allowed to advertise upto speeds unless at least 10per cent of customers can recieve it is an insult, that should be at least 50 per cent, the ISPs must've collapsed laughing

  Flak999 12:01 23 Feb 2012

As with most things you get what you pay for. I used to be with Orange until their service deteriorated to such an extent I was forced to move. I moved to Zen internet and have never looked back no traffic shaping or throttling in peak times, and when my exchange was upgraded to ADSL2+ I got an email the next week from Zen asking if I would like to be upgraded to their up to 20Mb service free of charge.

I now enjoy speeds of 19.7mb down and 1mb up.

  Pride park 16:52 23 Feb 2012

Well in a way we aren't getting what we pay for, as far as I'm aware all of oranges tariffs are advertised at upto 20meg yet we are on an upto 8meg service. Why state upto 20 when the maximum is less than half at upto 8? (Well thats also another lie, the maximum you can get on ADSL max is 7.15mbps, dunno why that gets advertised as upto 8)

  john bunyan 17:12 23 Feb 2012

Flak999. I stayed with Pipex (via Tiscali and Talk Talk ) due to pain of changing e Mail etc. They were dreadful, but I am now getting 8.5 - 10 Mbps on a "up to 8Mbps" contract. I refused their insistence on having a long term contract and am on a one month rolling one - had to threaten to leave to get it. Spam control good. I have in mind Zen as a replacement as they are top of Which ISP's, a UK tech support and a one month contract, so I was pleased to see your endorsememt.I will switch to them if I change ISP's.

  Flak999 17:19 23 Feb 2012

john bunyan

I have found Zen to be excellent in all respects, all of their support staff are UK based and surprise surprise actually know what they are talking about!

They do cost more than some of the larger ISP's but you do get a far better service.

  john bunyan 17:46 23 Feb 2012


Thanks - what package would you reccomend? I just browse, use iTunes, sometimes IPlayer. Occasionally record FM brodband via Audials 8.

Hope,pridepark , you excuse the intrusion into your thread!!

  Flak999 18:11 23 Feb 2012

john bunyan

I am on the Zen active package this gives me 50Gb of data a month. I use the internet for general browsing Iplayer and catch up TV, I also do a bit of online gaming. So far this month (1 Feb - 23 Feb my billing period) I have used 7.92 Gb of my 50Gb allowance.

I don't do any P2P or file sharing, so that would use more if you did do that. But I find my package suits my needs. There is also a lite package with an allowance of 10Gb a month if you wanted to keep the cost down a bit.

Hope this helps!

  john bunyan 18:59 23 Feb 2012

Flak999. Very many thanks. JB

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