Adobe Software - Buyer beware!

  Macflame 12:50 07 Mar 2011

I recently purchased Abobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8, from eBay, which came as a bundle. The software was boxed, and had the Adobe hologram on it. The dvd box was sealed had the serial numbers on labels on the back of the DVD box, along with a other numbers.
I activated Premiere Elements 8. No proble.
I activated Photoshop Elements 8. Problem.
The number had already been activated on 2 other PCs!
I contacted Adobe online and they said that as I had purchased the software from eBay, who are not a registered Adobe outlet, they could not help me.
I contacted the seller who said that the Adobe software box had been offered for sale at a computer fair. The contents of the box were on display, so the seller thinks that the serial number had been copied.
I am absolutely gutted. I bought a new power supply to drive my new grahics card and hard drive. All in preparation to install and run Photoshop.
Because of my expenditure I now cannot buy another copy of PSE8 (the latest version in my price range.).
Being medically retired, somewhat diasabled and on a limited budget, Photoshop was going to be a hobby to keep my grey cells stimulated.

  Woolwell 12:59 07 Mar 2011

Wrong title - Should have read buying software from eBay beware. Regrettably this is one of the major risks of buying from eBay. Has the seller given you a refund? If not contact eBay.

  Macflame 13:17 07 Mar 2011

Yes. You are correct, I should have titled it as you suggested. I am just getting over my bitter disappointment. I was probably expecting a bit too much of Adobe.
The seller has offered a refund but I may not be able to buy the same software at the same price.
The frustrating thing is that I have the retail box, documents and all. The software was sealed. The Premiere activated, no problem. I also purchased Illustrator CS2 which activated O.K.
Someone is out there using 'my' serial number on 2 PCs!

  HondaMan 14:32 07 Mar 2011

Take it and be thankful! Then start again. Try looking at Software4students :-))

  interzone55 15:21 07 Mar 2011

Unfortunately this happens a lot.

As the licence key is on the outside of the box it's easy for someone to photograph the box from the display and use that key to activate software downloaded from the internet.

It's much better to do the same as Microsoft and put the licence key inside the box...

  Macflame 15:39 07 Mar 2011

I find it difficult to be thankful. The seller and I are victims of fraud.

Software4students do not have Photoshop Elements 8 listed for sale. CS5 is way beyond my budget and needs.

The serial number inside the box suggestion, is a good one.
I was at a computer fair where there were lots of Adobe software available. The software was in CD/DVD cases with the serial numbers stuck on the outside on the back.

  interzone55 15:54 07 Mar 2011

What makes you think the seller is a victim of fraud...

  Macflame 16:19 07 Mar 2011

Yes, alan14, I suppose I shouldn't just take the sellers word that he did not install PSE8 software and use the serial that was on the box.
The Premiere Elements 8 installed/activated O.K. as did the Illustrator software I bought from him.
I suppose 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

I have now gone from boiling to a gentle simmer lol!

  spuds 16:20 07 Mar 2011

Claim your refund, either by giving the seller the opportunity first, or put in a dispute procedure with eBay/PayPal, if the seller doesn't comply. I would suggest that you check their feedback?.

Counterfeits can sometimes very difficult to locate, especially if the packaging is sealed and appears 'correct'. Microsoft, and its customers, have had their fair share of counterfeits, in the past and possibly still do. One thing in favour of Microsoft, was that they use to replace counterfeits, but I believe, only in the USA. That practice may now have stopped?.

With all sales, its a case of buyer beware, and that bargain might be hard to find.

  Proclaimer 16:26 07 Mar 2011

Is it not that case that Activation only allows for Product Patches to be downloaded? I am sure I went for weeks forgetting to activate my PSE7 and it worked perfectly well, it just did not auto update.

  interzone55 16:41 07 Mar 2011

Last couple of Adobe pro packages I installed required activating to work after 30 days...

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