Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for under £40?

  Flaco 15:53 29 Dec 2003

Came across a site with bargain s/w on offer: click here

Thought I'd risk a purchase of Photoshop 7.0 purely out of curiosity (I'm a casual snapper and this package is overkill for my needs). It arrived in due course from either Russia or Greece (sorry, I can't discern between Greek and Russian cyrilic). It came with a product cd key and it seems to work (although I've only scratched the surface of this programme). I also tried to register the product with Adobe but was informed that this version is not registerable for support from them (as verified on the purchase website).

There is no hard copy user manual, but the cd carries a full .pdf version in English. The cd case says 'Final Release Full Retail' but according to the website it is sold as OEM.

Is this a genuine find or am I being dense and fuelling piracy? It seems legit to me but the difference between £40 and c£600 is difficult to reconcile. If so, some of you may benefit from this. If not, advise me accordingly and I'll take the necessary steps.

  Simsy 15:59 29 Dec 2003

how this isn't piracy, though I suppose it's possible that they are OEM.

Even so, I would regard it as suspect.



  961 16:24 29 Dec 2003

OEM surplus stock?
Can't help feeling if it was pirate Adobe would have told you so in no uncertain terms

  961 16:26 29 Dec 2003

However, your link does not work so perhaps....

  Jester2K 16:27 29 Dec 2003

This website was featured here before...

From the site FAQ

"There is no catch - the software versions that we sell are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you will receive the installation CDs only (they do not come in their original retail packing and do not include the manual). We do guarantee that all programs are the 100% full working retail versions - no demos or academic versions! When you order, you will receive all materials required for a complete installation - or your money back! Why pay hundreds dollars more when you can get exactly the same but cheaper? You don't have to pay that much for the fancy box and manuals.

This software is recognised as a backup software"

Now the last line used to appear on site that offered software on CDR as a "Backup Copy" of the software you own. The original idea was you buy this to use instead of your £700 CD but use the CD Key that comes with the original. However people of course bought the CDR copies and downloaded CD keys from the Internet.

How authentic does the software look?

Is the CD Key printed on a bit or paper or on a proper label on the CD Sleeve?

This might be genuine OEM software but i would feel suspect too..

Ask Adobe how to verify the Authenticity.

  Jester2K 16:29 29 Dec 2003

if it ok then look at this page

click here

Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 Update

contact us (click here) to obtain the link for downloading your service pack/update

  961 16:38 29 Dec 2003

Sorry but those links don't seem to work either.

  Jester2K 16:41 29 Dec 2003

Something wrong with your browser then cos they work fine here....

  961 16:47 29 Dec 2003

I rather fancy my firewall/cookie settings are stopping this site


  crimbo 16:47 29 Dec 2003

The links work perfectly for me, using IE6 on XP

  Flaco 16:56 29 Dec 2003

Good info, thanks for the feedback. I had no idea that I could apply for updates as well. I've tried that now so I'll see what comes back and let you know.

If they do come back and the results are positive, I would find it difficult to fault the product and service. Surely a shady outfit would not be offering post-sale support (?)

As concerns the authenticity of what was sent, it all seems to be genuine, in as far as the cd key is concerned, it is printed both on the cover sleeve and the cd surface itself (which is also quality embossed with Adobe graphics). Obviously that can all be reproduced by determined sources but the quality is evident. On the reverse of the cd sleeve, half the text is in cyrilic, and the rest is in English. Seems to point to genuine surplus stock.

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