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  Granger 16:56 18 Jun 2003

I just got off the phone with someone from Adobe Customer Services who basically called me a liar.

I have been using Acrobat 5, and it regularly downloads updates. One of these was something called Adobe Studio, so I assumed it was connected with Acrobat.

I uninstalled Acrobat, which seems to have left a real mess. The few files it did remove were actually to do with this Adobe Studio. I tried to uninstall Studio, and it could not because files were missing.

When I called tech SUpport they said Studio was not part of Acrobat, so I thought OK, but now it has disappeared from the Add/Remove Programs list. I called Tech Support again, who said they could not help. They didn't even try, no questions nothing.

So I called Customer Services who denied categorically that there was any such thing as Adobe Studio. He said that if I downloaded things from American web sites that was my lookout. I explained that it had been downloaded by Acrobat. Not only did he deny that it would have been, he even denied it was anything to do with Adobe, and he veen denied that Acrobat downloads updates.

I pointed him to the link on www adobe com / products that says "Adobe Studio", just to prove the link. Once he accepted that, he said it was not his problem because that was

So now I'm screwed. I have software on my system that I can't remove, and the supplier calls me a liar. He never did accept that Acrobat downloads and installs updates.

For ages I've been going around telling everyone that Adobe is great. Now I wish I had a list of everyone I've recommended it to, so can contact them all and tell them how badly I've been treated.

The real joke is, I have just taken delivery of Acrobat 6, which is why I was uninstalling the old version. They can have that back. As people often say on this forum, most suppliers have problems occasionally, but its how they respond that matters...

  wee eddie 17:35 18 Jun 2003

I have looked at the page and can see no reference to Software called Adobe Studio. It is just possible that you have misinterpreted what you read.

I see many references to a resource called Adobe Studio, which is not the same thing. Without spending a long time on, it appears that Adobe Studio is a part Free, part Paid, Learning facility. I have been unable to find a download button for the Studio product.

While I don't know what you downloaded, unless you computer is malfunctioning, forget it.

The next thing to do is to get Adobe back, up and running. You won't be the first or the last to read into a page, something that isn't there.

  Granger 18:28 18 Jun 2003

The link is click here
But that is not how I got it. It was downloaded by Acrobat along with product updates. I did not do it myself. The only thing I ever downloaded myself was the 5.0.5 update to Acrobat.

I found the link above myself to try to convince the person that Adobe Studio had anything to do with Adobe. The software is really just some files to allow you to interface with this on-line resource.

I stand by what I said above: Acrobat downloaded this software, and now has made a mess of it. I had no hand in any of this mess, apart from buying Acrobat in the first place.

  Jester2K II 18:36 18 Jun 2003

Was it Studio Toolkit??

click here

  Granger 19:00 18 Jun 2003

I've no idea!!! Like I said, whatever's on my system was NOT downloaded by me from a web site.

I guess I could try downloading this toolkit and then uninstalling it, but I'm worried - there's already a mess, and what if I end up with something else?

My gut feeling is this isn't the same ething. although it's obviously connected with Adobe Studio.

I can hardly think straight, I'm still really angry about the way those people spoke to me.

I mean, denying that Acrobat downloads updates! Any idiot could open Acrobat 5, choose Preferences, and see the options for how often it does it!

  wee eddie 19:26 18 Jun 2003

There is no mention of Software in this.

'Your source for in-depth tutorials, world-class galleries, expert design reviews, online collaboration, and more.'

The Adobe support were right in saying there is no Adobe Software called 'Studio' and as the support Staff only have access the the software on their systems. Their reply seems totally logical to me.

  leo49 19:41 18 Jun 2003

You seem under the delusion that Acrobat is to blame for whatever this is when as you so rightly say under Preferences YOU set the options - one of which is to do it manually.

  Granger 20:02 18 Jun 2003

I don't believe this - how can I be to blame? If you use an anti virus program, do you download and install all the updates manually? Acrobat checks for program updates, I say yes please. It's not like you expect it to hunt down any old rubbish from the web and offer it to you is it?

Wee Eddie - The response was NOT logical - they denied that Acrobat downloads any updates, and said Adobe Studio did not exist!

You may be unable to find the software on the web site, and so am I. But in my WinXP Start menu I have the software listed. I still have the folder in Program Files. As I said earlier, it's in the Registry. Am I hallucinating?

I am really upset by these responses.

  wee eddie 20:33 18 Jun 2003

There is a misunderstanding here. Semantics is I believe the main problem.

Acrobat does not download updates. When you open Acrobat it offers you the choice of downloading updates from the website.

There is no Software called Acrobat Studio, however, what you have downloaded is the software that allows you to access the Acrobat Studio.

  Jomi 20:39 18 Jun 2003

my version of acrobat reader frequently asks if it can check for updates.

The adobe toolkit is available from the link in Jester2k II's posting and the heading on that page is adobe studio.

  Jomi 20:51 18 Jun 2003

I ran the reader and sure enough I was asked if it could check for updates, I clicked on the 'yes' button and it offered me an update of 'webclient' (whatever that is), I downloaded that and closed the reader.
I then opened it again, and again it asked to check for updates, I clicked yes again, this time it offered me an updated version of the reader, I clicked yes but this time it took me to a web page and didn't automatically download.

I took a couple of screen shots of the reader asking if it could check for updates, I'll send then to you as JPEGs if you like Granger - might save your sanity!

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