Address/Name for The Tech Guys/PC World complaint.

  labdab 22:05 30 Nov 2007


I have a big complaint letter ready to send and want to send it to a named person.. im having trouble finding name for the tech guys..can anyone help?

for pc world i have:

John Naylor
PC World Customer Service
Customer Contact Centre
PO BOX 1681
S2 5YA


John Browett
DSG International Plc
Managing Director
PC World Stores Group
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead

He starts the job on 6th december from Tesco, lol!

can anyone confirm if they are correct?

much appreciated..

  SANTOS7 22:10 30 Nov 2007

Would it be impolite to ask the nature of your complaint, help maybe at hand to reconstruct the content of your letter, if its justified, it might save you some time and money..

  Dizzy Bob 22:28 30 Nov 2007

Jon Naylor (not John!) is the correct person. A better address would be

Jon Naylor
PC World
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead



  Dizzy Bob 22:29 30 Nov 2007

Sorry labdab, just realised you had the Hemel address underneath!


  labdab 09:02 01 Dec 2007

Thanks for the update on the info everyone.

Santos7 - It is a very long story but to cut it short, my laptop failed after 9mths..HD and mainboard and i lost photographs stored on there and a lot i had recently added. I am a tech novice and had no idea this would happen after 9mths but as i understand it i am responsible for back up.... They told me it would cost up to £700 to do it professionaly as the procedure i paid £30 for instore did not work due to the major parts in laptop had failed..

I was advised by PC world to request my HD back with repaired laptop and PCW and tech guys assured me this would be returned to me for recovery..

..then i had days of chasing to be told it would cost me over £100 to get it back and then it had been skipped! I wouldnt have sent it in if i had known (i would have done the recovery and lost the laptop as the photos were very sentimental)

Also, i had days of phonecalls with very poor customer service and a manager in store laughing at me/my notes.

.. i have a very long letter to send to them to tell them how unhappy i was with their service.

* can anyone help me with a named person for the Tech Guys?

The person i was talking to on the phone was leaving that week. I have a name Kelly Dodd but not sure if he is on CS phonelines or would read letters?

thanks again.

  SANTOS7 10:24 01 Dec 2007

Labdab sorry to hear that, what i can suggest is you send copies to all persons you think may be relevant in this case,keep a record of when, maybe send them recorded delivery

click here

there is a customer service address and an email for complaints link in the link, substanciating your letter by email may help, good luck.....

  adamscomputers 10:26 01 Dec 2007

Hi I've had so many bad experiences with PC World, not the tech guys though as I am a computer engineer... Is there anything I can do to help you with this complaint, I think I have some experience!

  labdab 10:36 01 Dec 2007

Santos7 - thats a great idea backing it up with email and i will certainly do that thank you.. and for link.

In the end my laptop wasnt repaired within the 28 days as it came back after having the HD replaced saying there wasnt enough disc space and it blew my house electric.. it was 2 days away from the date & they couldnt collect it again so i was able to get a new one..however, only after more bad customer service from the store manager.

.. however the new one also has problems as the right mouse button doesnt work when the fan is on sometimes!! i cant face complaining again yet though..

to be honest i am more upset about the photos i lost as i was told my HD would be sent back and they then went back on this.. also i spent three days of phone calls and bad CS..

they must get this every day! :-(

I am having a mare with a complaint to pc world, if ayone has had similar problems please leave a message with any email addresses that have helped as i am trying to be heard and no joy

  cruiser2 18:14 03 May 2009

If you go to your local reference library, you shopuld be able to get the director of PC World , including their home addresses.
I have done this for several companies when I have had to complain and was not getting anywhere going through the normal channels.
Good luck with your problem

  ajm 23:05 03 May 2009

John Browett is the CEO and Jon Naylor is the customer service Director ( he was last time when I was with DSGI). The Managing Director of PC World is Keith Jones, and the PCW Operations Manager is Jorge Benlloch Sanz.

If you require email address to either of them, drop me a mail using the yellow envelope.

By the way, which PC World Store did this happen?

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