adding an extra hard drive

  jaylaw17 18:11 06 Oct 2012

Hi i have recently started having problems with my external hard drive which is a western digital elements 500gb usb drive. The problem is that a) the usb port on the back is very unsecure and slightest movement disrupts the connection and b) even when the drive is completely secure and st6able after a while it gets very hot and starts disconnecting and reconnecting itself giving me a pop up saying the drive needs to be formatted before use! This is causing me a lot of problems since i store a number of media files on this drive and use them a lot. Is there a way to solve this? My other option is to install a secondary internal hard drive to my pc but i am worried about this affecting my pc performance. What would I need to take into consideration to do this?

  Nontek 18:34 06 Oct 2012

A secondary internal drive should not affect PC performance, assuming that your Power-pack has sufficient power, i.e. 400W as opposed to the older 250W Power-pack.

  HondaMan 19:26 06 Oct 2012

Shouldn't affect performance providing, as Nontek says, the PSU is adequate. I have 4 HDDs in my system, 3 X 1TB and 1 X 2TB. No problems with that set-up.

  woodchip 20:10 06 Oct 2012

It will work faster and better if it as a internal drive fitted. Also as above regards PSU

  woodchip 20:13 06 Oct 2012

If the External Drive as not yet been corrupted with it connecting and disconnecting, consider your self fortunate. Never use a Faulty USB for connecting Hardware. If you have a spare slot you could fit a PCI USB card in it

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