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Addding my daughter to my car insurance

  martd7 13:55 16 Nov 2016

My daughter is currently having driving lessons,shes expected to pass early January,i thought id offer to put her on my insurance for the period of time it will take for her to pass her test

I am dismayed at the quote of £247 a month extra?? I thought it may be £100 but not £247

Has anyone here been through the same process to find such a ridiculously high quote?

My daughters 20,the cars a basic Renault clio diesel

  Bazzaman 14:18 16 Nov 2016

Insurance companies don't tend to be geared up for ad-hoc short term additions to policies and so load the cost.

It wouldn't surprise me if it would be cheaper to take out a complete new annual policy (e.g. with you as the main driver and your daughter as an additional driver [albeit with a provisional licence] ).

  Burn-it 00:30 18 Nov 2016

Argue.anged insure They just make up what they think you will pay. I recently changed my car and obviously changed insurance. Before both my wife and I had cars so we both had policies with each other as named second drivers. I was paying about 200/yr fully comp and my wife just a little less. Both have >10 ncb. On our single new car which though a little newer is lower group than either of our old ones, they wanted 500/year till I told them to travel and think again. It now costs just under 200/yr with me as owner and her second, but they still wanted over 300 with her first and me second. Go figure!! 'cause I can't.

  martd7 11:49 18 Nov 2016

We've got nowhere so far,cheapest is £174 a month as of today

  bremner 12:18 20 Nov 2016

I had a similar issue with adding my daughter for a short period and the cost for one month was only just less than that for adding her until the policy was due for renewal - 5 months.

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