actual genuine good after sales support

  [DELETED] 20:00 31 Jul 2003

I have been prompted to post this thread after reading all the bad/awful/horror stories within this forum (and others) about after sales service, to maybe redress the balance a little.
The pc i currently use is a hp pavillion 7925 I have owned it almost two years now and up until recently have had no problems whatsoever with it, I recently managed to join the broadband wagon and was happily surfing away at lightning speed when i decide to download an app from zdnet bam i am hit with the mother af all viruses suddenly I cannot shut down windows or even log off, norton antivirus couldnt help me as it had corrupted files due to the virus.
I decide the only thing to do (after trying evrything I could think of) was to do a fresh install of windows but as my pc didnt come with the windows disk or a recovery disc I was in abit of a pickle.
So I dug up the booklets ect that came with the pc found that there was a direct number to call for problems such as mine but that there would be a fee for any discs i required, ohno i thought they are going to charge the earth for these discs but as I had no real choice I phoned anyway, the guy I spoke to was sympathetic to my problem understood that I had no other option and agreed to send the discs needed straight away, fantastic.
Unbeleivably i got up next morning and the discs had been delivered no charge!!
The moral of this story?
It doesnt allways have to be so difficult to own a pc if all manufacturers acted as hp has with me it could even be a joy.
Oh and if you sign up to broadband make sure youve got a decent firewall :-)

  [DELETED] 20:09 31 Jul 2003

Tell us who it was!

Praise for suppliers is so rare, we need to know who the good guys are!

  [DELETED] 20:19 31 Jul 2003

I bought it from staples but couldnt recommend them as I only got this pc after three failed scott pcs that they were vey unhelpfull about I wont go into that though as this thread was meant to show how manufacturers can sometimes suprise you with their level of customer support.
The manufacturer in question is HP it was their tech support line that i called in short they are the dogs bits in my opinion and i thought they deserved some praise

  [DELETED] 20:47 31 Jul 2003

One up to hp then!

Surprised about Staples - they've usually had good press.


  [DELETED] 20:53 31 Jul 2003

Hmmm indeed i guess the staples thing is tempered by the equally appaling after sales by scott computers who staples insisted were solely to blame for the fact that they sold me three dodgy pcs one after another

  [DELETED] 22:10 31 Jul 2003

For posting a positive thread!

It is important to give those who meet, or exceed, expectations publicity and thanks.

Well done HP!

  [DELETED] 15:56 01 Aug 2003

thanks bfoc that was the whole point of the thread

  spuds 23:42 01 Aug 2003

I have recently contacted HP about a printer problem. It would seem as though they have both good and bad days in providing 'extras'.HP gave me a couple of free printer cleaning kits, but charge £6.50 for a driver CD.If you want to contact their UK technical support, phone 0870 010 4320. For Parts distribution phone 01429 865 511.

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