Act of War PC game

  ivesy 11:05 02 Apr 2005

Just been thinking of buying this game but I'm confused. On CD WOW it's advertised as a CD ROM game so to on Play and Amazon but on WH Smith's sit it says DVD ROM CD??? and also on Gameplay it states DVD! I need to know which format the game is on! any ideas? I've rang around and emailed but haven't had a reply yet so I thought somebody on here might help!

  Starfox 14:27 02 Apr 2005

According to this it's on CD click here

  ivesy 15:02 02 Apr 2005

Cheers for the reply, like I said I know it's being advertised as a CD ROM problem is, it's also being advertised as DVD by the following, Gameplay, Simply Games, Gameseek, Woolworths. The WH Smiths site actually says the following," Act Of War Direct Action PC DVD CD ROM"! Agghh!

  stebinnersley 15:37 02 Apr 2005

if it is any good, was in asda looking at it this morning...

  citadel 18:35 02 Apr 2005

I loooked at it today and on the box it said dvd drive required.

  abbott8 22:40 02 Apr 2005

one of my sons bought it, it says on the disk that it is PC DVD ROm compatable only

Are sold either in DVD or CD-Rom. Example Half life 2, Far Cry even doom 3.

Normally places like will have both format's available, purely for the people that havent got DVD drive's, which is rare now-aday's...

  ivesy 13:59 03 Apr 2005

Thanks for all the replies. The thing is CD Wow are selling it for just £19.99 plus free P&P compared to £24.99 plus at other retailers, this makes me think it's this cheap because it's CD and maybe the DVD version is more? I'd prefer it on DVD. Think I'll ring CD Wow tomorrow as nobody is answering my emails!. Yes the game is good I've played a demo as my favourite games are Command and Conquer and Battle for Middle Earth so it's right up my street! saying that I don't think it's as good graphically as Generals!

  citadel 21:43 03 Apr 2005

new games take up a lot of hard drive space and it is easier to insall them if they are on a dvd. It saves having to keep swithing cds during installation and it will be cheaper for companys than supplying 4 or 5 cds.

give them a chance... may not be open or in the office on a sunday!

  Starfox 22:43 03 Apr 2005

When in PC World this afternoon they had this game on CD so I asked if it was available on DVD,after looking through the stocklists the assistant said "No we don't have the DVD in stock,only certain stores will be stocking the DVD version but I am afraid we are not one of them"

Hope this helps

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