Acronis VAT

  laurie53 19:58 22 Feb 2009

I've just been offered an Acronis upgrade "including 19% VAT".

Does software carry a high rate of VAT?

  MAT ALAN 20:24 22 Feb 2009

You are using the Acronis Online Shop which is operated by cleverbridge AG. By sending your order you will close a purchase agreement with cleverbridge AG headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

text taken from link...

standard rate in germany = 19%

  MAT ALAN 20:26 22 Feb 2009

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AHHH!!! and you where thinkin WHAT LINK... soz..

  interzone55 20:31 22 Feb 2009

Try ordering Adobe software, their servers are in Eire, so you get charged 21.5% VAT.

Also their downloads are more expensive than the boxed software, Adobe have no clue whatsoever...

  laurie53 08:19 23 Feb 2009

Thanks both.

Think I might do a bit of research.

Sure I read somewhere that EU legislation is in hand to remove this anomaly.

  interzone55 08:53 23 Feb 2009

The EU legislation only specifies a minimum VAT rate of 15%

  interzone55 08:58 23 Feb 2009
  961 17:46 23 Feb 2009

I refused to complete a purchase for F-Secure anti virus software because of this nonsense. They wanted a higher rate than Uk 15%

I live in the Uk. The vat rate here is 15%

Why should I pay more?


Just refuse!!!!

  laurie53 19:55 23 Feb 2009

This is only proposed legislation, which may be slipped in under the harmonisation umbrella.

  interzone55 20:38 23 Feb 2009

You have to pay the rate current at the point of purchase.

This is why you can by CDs & DVDs cheaper on Amazon & Play, because they're shipped from Jersey or Guernsey.

When you buy downloaded software, you have to pay the VAT rate of the country where the servers are based.

In the case of Adobe, this is Eire, in the case of Acronis it's Germany.

I don't suppose you refuse to pay the VAT free price on Amazon do you - "I demand to pay VAT!"

  interzone55 20:40 23 Feb 2009

Nope, it's current legislation.

The minimum standard rate is 15%,the maximum standard rate is 25%.

Zero & reduced rates are permitted for essentials.

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