Acronis True Image - We are not worthy!

  tammer 11:21 10 Aug 2008

Some of you may have followed my post here:

click here

When I tried my laptop yesterday I found that it was generally working well, but the function keys no longer changed the volume or screen brightness, and the built in shortcut keys (for wireless and the like) did not work. I persevered for a while, but noticed my gaming mouse didn't seem to work and Cyberscrub privacy suite said it was a trial version (it's not).

It was then that I took the bold move to recover a saved image of my hard disk on an external hard drive, using Acronis True Image 9. I've previously found the product a little confusing, but having learned lessons the hard way in the past, managed to restore my previous image in around 50 minutes.

The laptop is now working perfectly and all keyboard shortcuts and softward works fine - just as it did in June when I last took an image.

It's rare to find a piece of software that you're delighted with but I cannot recommend ATI highly enough. If you've got important data on your PC, it's a great product to use for backup and recovery.

Just thought I'd post a praise post for once rather than one of my moans.....

  Forum Editor 11:58 10 Aug 2008

It's a good feeling when a problem magically disappears, isn't it?

  six-h 13:11 10 Aug 2008

Couldn't agree more!

I've been using a freebie of ATI 8.0 pe from another mag.and found it to be magnificent.
Not only that, but their support has been first class.
I didn't expect that with a free issue!

Unfortunately, that PC is now toast, and my new "Vista" machine which cost me almost as much in needless replacement of software and hardware, also demands ATI 11.
In view of my past experience with Acronis, I will not hesitate to buy it,(as soon as my finances recover!)

  JYPX 18:02 10 Aug 2008

six-h - If you have a Maxtor or Seagate external drive you can download Acronis True Image 10 OEM version free of charge.
click here
I am using this and I don't own either of these drives........! (I am guessing that my external drive contains a hard drive manufactured by Maxtor or Seagate)

  Zeppelyn 19:52 10 Aug 2008

JYPX - You are guessing right, if you turn off or disconnect the external drive and then try to run the software Im betting it will say you do not have a qualifying product.

  six-h 21:14 10 Aug 2008

My Ext. HDD is a "Medion HDD To Go", and device Mgr. lists it as an "ST 332082 OAS USB"
(It also has an eSATA out connection, which I could use)
Googling the model No, brings up this: -click here
Indicating it has a Seagate drive inside!

Acronis support advised me that although I could not use my free copy of ver.8.0pe with Vista, If I could get hold of a copy of ver. 10.0, I would qualify for an upgrade to ver 11.0 which is Vista compatible!
I wonder if this might be a way to get that!!

  six-h 21:41 10 Aug 2008

to Acronis, and await their response. lol

  JYPX 22:46 10 Aug 2008

six-h - well, best of luck but surely TI 10 is Vista ready? The link I gave earlier claims that is the case. Maybe another forum member can confirm.

  six-h 16:13 11 Aug 2008

but Acronis help desk said that if I could find a copy of that, it would probably be cheaper than ver 11, which they would swap it for!!

I've not been able to track down a copy though, and the saving I suspect would be minimal anyway.

They have replied to my cheeky request to swap the free Seagate version of TI 10 instead, and as suspected, the answer is no!!

It was worth a try!! lol.

Guess I'll have to buy it!

  FatboySlim71 23:45 11 Aug 2008

Nice to hear of a good outcome.

I use Acronis TI 11 on my Vista machine, Acronis TI has helped me out a few times over the years.

I generally take a Differential backup weekly and then take a Full backup fortnightly. I have a 1 TB drive so that I have a mass amount of space to store the backups.

Personally I think Acronis TI is an invaluable piece of software that should come bundled with every PC or Laptop. If it cost £100 I would still buy it.

  NETCHRIS 01:30 12 Aug 2008

Im thinking of purchasing ATI 11 for my Vista desktop, does it really produce a perfect image of my whole hard disks contents?

Also, before completing an image backup to a seperate drive does it test the backup that it will work? Some image backup software does not re-verify the backup is working which means when you need to re-image, you may find your backup is corrupt.


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