Acer won't give me back my laptop!

  [DELETED] 14:21 02 Dec 2003

The 803LCi seems to have a design flaw in the "mouse" buttons. The left button stopped working again and they took the laptop away on 30th October. A week later it came back with the fault unrepaired, and the big metal windows labels all damaged and sticking up into the screen.

It went away again the same day and that's the last I saw of it. Last Tuesday after 30 minutes in the phone queue someone told me it had been shipped and I should have it the next day.

Today I phoned again and no-one knows what's happened. The woman who answered was not exactly rude but wasn't exactly interested or apologetic either. She promised to call back but we all knows what happens when call centres promise to call back.

Does anyone from Acer ever visit this forum?

  Forum Editor 18:59 02 Dec 2003

of anyone from Acer having a presence here, but you never know. Microsoft keep an eye on us, that I do know, so maybe Acer do.

In any event, you need to draw a line in the sand with this, and I suggest that you put something in writing as soon as possible. Send them a letter, amd send it by special delivery. Tell them that you want a definite forecast as to when the machine will be with you. You don't say when you bought this computer, but if the fault manifested itself within six months of purchase you're on very strong ground, and you should press that point politely but firmly. Under the terms of the Sale of goods to consumers regulations the company must effect the repair and return the machine in full working order within a 'reasonable' time. The term 'reasonable' isn't defined in the legislation, but to my mind a period of three weeks would be about it.

If you were told the computer had been shipped a week ago something has obviously gone wrong, and you need some serious customer service input from Acer.

  [DELETED] 19:46 02 Dec 2003


I to sent a laptop to acer for a broken USB port
It to was returned damaged with a screw protruding from the casing by the keyboard sent back to acer and they sent me someone elses PC and lost my laptop. I had a month without laptop and was fobed off by the call center with a number of diferent storeys until one person had the gall to say I would not be able to speak to the UK Operations director (I do like a chalange)
His name is Mr Neil Gardner he is based at acer uk in slough and you will find his adress here

click here

I phoned and got as far as his secutary I stayed calm and explained my prodicament and was promised the message would be passed on . In three hours I had a call from an embarest call center manager who had been dodging me and an upgraded new laptop the next day.

I thought that my situation may have been a one off as they where switching repair centers, but now it seems otherwise! shame because they are good laptops.

Good luck


  [DELETED] 22:04 02 Dec 2003

Thanks both for the responses. FE - I will follow your advice and send a letter. Thanks for the pointers. Jarvo - I agree, great laptops, but they've obviously got in a mess somehow. I may make use of that address.

I called again this evening and they say they are still investigating, but said something about sending a replacement laptop! I couldn't believe my ears as it only had a dodgy left mouse button. But they couldn't say any more until tomorrow. Very weird.

I don't want a new laptop as I'll have to spend hours installing software and customising it etc. I think I got the thing in May this year.

  [DELETED] 23:43 02 Dec 2003

looked at Acer laptops tonight,I will now look at another model as i am not sure i want to got through send a laptop back & it getting lost

  [DELETED] 19:07 03 Dec 2003

Like any supplier they have probs sometimes, but unlike others I've used, so far they have always recognised when they've messed up, and put it right.

It's true, they have lost my laptop, but they're sending me another immediately. They tried to make this sound like a good thing, but I'd rather have back the one I spent hours installing software on, customising and configuring for my network.

Not a great service, but at least they put things right when they make mistakes. I would buy from them again. In fact, it's a good job I had already bought a second laptop from them, otherwise I'd have been in trouble for the last 5 weeks.

  [DELETED] 20:31 03 Dec 2003

Whilst for you a new laptop is not ideal, as you say the important thing may be that they have 'recognised when they've messed up'.

IMHO that sums things up well. I understand that things can go wrong, it is how it is handled after that which is most important to me.

If the laptop has got lost in their system, or with the carriers, they cannot give it back and so to give you a new one is the best they can do.

There are numerous stories on here of situations where sellers/manufacturers do the least not the best!

So I agree with you that one shouldn't discount Acer just on the basis of what you have said.

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