Acer warranty return instructions

  grumpy-git 13:25 24 May 2010

Must be a bit slow today in the old brain department. I listened to the recorded message twice, but didn't get all the instructions written down.

I have my return ref. no. and know I have to contact DHL to collect the faulty pc, and it is to go to the Plymouth address, but missed the other things I should do.

Tried to get this from the Acer web site, but there doesn't seem to be a simple list of what to do.

Thick? yes I am a bit today!

  retep888 15:09 24 May 2010

Why don't you use their online Service & Support
click here Click Acer-Customer Care Portal on the left will take you to Contact Acer Service, just click the link and fill in the form.

Anyway the return address is in Plympton,Devon
not Plymouth.

Infoteam International Services (Acer repairs)
Unit M Eagle Road

  spuds 17:30 24 May 2010

When I contacted DHL once about a Kodak camera repairs return, the driver turned up and boxed the camera, plus attached the necessary labels. Their tracking system even informed me on progress. When you contact DHL, you might ask if the same applies in your case.

  grumpy-git 17:58 24 May 2010

I did try that Acer link earlier today, but you don't seem to be able to ask a simple question.

Looks like you can do something like book a repair, but I already have a ref. no.

My warranty book says pack in original box, somewhere else says don't use original packing. I'm confused......

  spuds 18:20 24 May 2010

Just contact DHL and give them the reference number supplied by Acer, they should provide the necessary information. When I contacted DHL the driver arrived next day and packed the item in one of their own boxes, plus left a receipt.Job done and dusted.

  ronalddonald 21:03 24 May 2010

hey grumpy listen to spuds and stop being so grumpy and put a big smile on that face mister

  luthier 15:00 27 May 2010

I hope you have sorted sorted out your PC return to Acer. My recent personal experience with Acer was very good. Package your PC with plenty of bubble wrap then contact DHL and give them the reference number supplied by Acer. They will collect your PC from wherever you wish - in my case it was my work. Then sit back and await it's return. My laptop was returned with a new hard drive and in full working order exactly 7 days after DHL picked it up. Good luck.

  dms_05 15:41 27 May 2010

If you make voice contact with Acer they ask you for your email address and send a comprehensive email covering all the points you are asking about.

However people have supplied all the details for you. The Acer point on not returning the computer in it's original packaging is because they won't return it as they use other new boxes. Some people like to retain the original box for resale purposes.

Smile. Acer offer a very good service and you can track the parcel all the way from your house to Plympton and back. In addition Acer have always emailed me when the repair is complete and told me when the item will be shipped back.

  grumpy-git 16:34 04 Jun 2010

I did ring them up again just to clarify I was doing it correctly.

Just had email, it has been repaired & on the way back soon.

Wish I could have sent it in original box though, it cost me over a tenner just in bubble-wrap, plus a cardboard box. 6cm of bubble-wrap around a large laptop makes it an awkward size item to package up.

And to ronaldonald, you sound just like the missus!!
(re:- stop being so grumpy and put a big smile on that face mister)

  melodian 15:45 29 Dec 2010

I bought an Acer laptop as a Christmas gift for our son. Unfortunately, I bought it early - when I saw it at a good price - so, when it was opened up on Christmas day and found to have a fault, I now have to return it for repair instead of having it replaced with the retailer.

My question is this; should I include the power lead, battery, leaflets etc. which came with the laptop?

As a previous poster has pointed out, the guy on the phone did advise me to use alternative packaging, but then said if it is damaged in transit it is my responsibility, so I've decided to send it back in it's original box. He didn't mention the power leads etc. Since I'm hoping Acer will see fit to replace this brand new laptop, should I send everything back with it?

  melodian 15:50 29 Dec 2010

By the way, I repeated my email address, twice, but haven't received email confirmation or instructions for return. Like the previous poster, I had to check online for the returns address since the recorded message plays at the speed of light!

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